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Mission 774 (original) Reviews

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Mission 774 (original)

Mission 774 (original)

10/10 by maz1957

Most versatile arm ever made, also sounds wonderful especially light mc cartridges like Goldring elite.

10/10 by krellpam1

A much under rated tonearm sounds very good on most tables and is also very versatile.

10/10 by desertdog

Very tight sound and a very solid sound, really is an outstanding arm, pity not still made. Probably the best I have in use at the moment. Posted 2015

9/10 by sheherazade

Used it with a fidelity Research MC201 untill the end of it's life.........wonderfull.

Now after some sleeper years, i will install and use this arm again and have yet to decide wich cartrifge will bring it back to life again....

10/10 by Fatboyriding

Having had a plethora of arms and two original 774's I've not heard anything within mortal expenditure that matches this arm just a shame theyt aren't manufactured anymore - it is sonically outstanding especially on a Garrard 401

8/10 by satanfriendly

King of the lightweight arms. Takes very kindly to re-wiring and modifications. Controlled and with authority, right on the pace and really does very little wrong. Wonderful portrayal of the music and sweet in every sense. Fiddly to set up with the arm tube length and azimuth adjustable at the same time. Suitable for a wide range of cartridges and excellent with higher end MC's.

5/10 by pdxdennisj

For those who manage to get one with the cartridge headblock still intact, bolts that work in it are metric 2.5 x 8. Still preping it for the install so I cant comment on sound quality yet. More later.

9/10 by slawts

On a Systemdek Transcription, sounds tremendous. The paddles do improve the stability so are well worth trying. You might wonder what the point of buying a new arm is although I play a 774SM more often.

10/10 by bfievre

Very flexible wrt cartridges compliance by adding or retreaving silicon liquid.
Excellent with most of cartridges except with heavy ones with low compliance eg Denon DL103.
It should be more recognised

10/10 by fishy

I love this arm. Sounds great with every cartridge- using the appropriate paddle. Solidly built, fairly easy to set up. A keeper and a classic!!

9/10 by abril

By a long way the best arm I have had (been able to afford).
Detail, impact and colour in abundance and very flexible in cartridge choice but can be a pain to set up,but once set up is well worth it.

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