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Micro Seiki MA-505 Reviews

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Micro Seiki MA-505

Micro Seiki MA-505

10/10 by Raven13

MA 505..bought mine fully loaded from Japan included was the side lateral weight and extra counter weight and the DIN snake ..The snake is pretty thick with good cabling and ends ..i custom installed it on my Ariston RD 11s ..Alot of mods needed to balance table sub system ..It is an exceptional arm system...Im using a Dynavector XX-1 i had retipped and on class A tube blocks.. very dark combo..i hit pay dirt with the micro is more musical than the Grace G840f that was on it...

10/10 by arthur76240

I have one of these, if you have the choice between SME 3009 or this one, choice the Micro Seiki. He is really superior. Easy to use and install and with some great performance.

10/10 by The Fast

This tonearm is fantastic. He makes regular cartridges sound good.
He is very precise and can change all settings in flight.
It is very good with cartridges low mass and medium-high mass .
For me it is one of the best choices by SME headshell type.

9/10 by monkeyking

Love this arm! As others have observed, excellent tracking, smooth-as-silk movements, and the adjustment controls are just perfect and easy.

This arm found its way to me on a Luxman PD270 table that I bought for $20. It initially was without interconnect cable, headshell, or counterweights. I had the cable made (by a Canadian VE member if I recall), found a suitable AT headshell, but the counterweights were no where to be found. I eventually used two axle collars from the local hardware store. Stainless steel and secured by allen screws. Just enough weight to zero out the arm and I have room for a third if I ever need it. Certainly not original, but they look right and get the job done!

8/10 by jrc19570

I have 2 505 mk1 and a mk3. All work flawlessly. I can compare most cartridges to see major differences no problem. Bought all used and still not a problem.

10/10 by Algral


8/10 by seonghobang5860

precise tracking good balance but smaller depth and
width of stage.

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