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Michell TecnoArm Reviews

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Michell TecnoArm

Michell TecnoArm

9/10 by kanishka

Tecno arm is an exceptional value for money. It will not disappoint anyone who seeks for an outstanding quality on a budget.

8/10 by albertan

I purchased a TecnoArm as a substitute for a more expensive arm in the future on my SOTA series V sapphire. I am going to keep it. It is an excellent arm and works well with good quality cartridges. I am no longer saving for a more expensive arm. I am content and staying put. I have an SME V on my Michell which I have dedicated for use with a very good, monophonic, moving coil cartridge. The SME is a better arm. It is much easier to set up and calibrate than the TecnoArm. I have learned much about tone arm set up and calibration because the TecnoArm is so basic. Once dialled in, the TecnoArm has excellent frequency extension; the bass and lower mid range in particular are very, very good. Better than any comparably priced uni-pivot tone arms. As good as the SME V. No, but at a quarter of the price I consider comparing the two like comparing a battleship to a cruiser. This is not as one sided as a comparison of a cruiser to a destroyer. For the money, the TecnoArm offers excellent value, performance, and versatility. With its low mass and Rega geometry, it can be mounted on all but a few turntables. If you want an excellent tone arm, but do not want to spend 5500-6000 dollars USD on a tone arm, the TecnoArm should be a consideration.

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