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Mayware Formula IV Reviews

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Mayware Formula IV

Mayware Formula IV

9/10 by STRATMAN71

Still have mine since 1979, fitted with the Mayware moving coil cartridge, on a Thorens TD160.
Still no complaints.

10/10 by acroatis

Take the time to set it up correctly and it is cable of excellent results. Worked extremely well with Mayware's excellent MC cartridge, then an Shure V15 IV and now remarkably well with an Ortofon Blue on my wonderful Systemdek III.

5/10 by Tahini

Worked very well for me with a Shure V15III and later a B&O MMC2 (with modification to the MMC2's underdamped half inch adapter bracket). Setup is a little fiddly, but you only have to do it once. Not a problem.

9/10 by flymetothemoon

Great arm. Absolutely required diligent effort to set it up properly and thereafter...precise imaging and good punch. Using both MCs (Dynavector 23R/Supex 900 Super) as well as a Decca Super Gold.

2/10 by KPD56

3/10 by James22-23

This arm is a pain to set up. Also, the azimuth shifts on any LP that is not absolutely warp-free, resulting is lousy stereo separation and imaging. Pick your cartridge carefully, or you may end up with serious resonances in the warp region (under 10Hz). It's pretty to look at, though...

6/10 by pivot

Okay very low mass arm. Fussy set up. Really needs some added bracing to headshell which on mine was very soft aluminium.

More ridgity would be nice all around - if you want a low mass arm, a Black Widow or SME III sounds more together and less nervous.

10/10 by desertdog

very good results can be obtained from this arm, due to tha fact it has varible damping. i used one for years with all types of carts MM & MC. however they are not easy to set up as with all unipivot arms, i feel this is a well desiged arm well worth the trouble

8/10 by mike19455

A very interesting arm, a unipivot design from an age gone by, where low mass arms were needed to track high compliance / low tracking weight cartridges.

I used one of these on a TD160 with a Shure M75ED-2 with really excellent results.

The design and construction of the arm are now long out of fashion but it makes an interesting and unusual arm with a suprisingly good performance - but use it as intended, tracking high compliance low tracking weight carts, e.g. Shure M75ED (1.2 grams TW)

They appear on EBay quite regularly but be cautious, since they will prob. need some TLC.

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