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Linn Ittok LVII Reviews

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Linn Ittok LVII

Linn Ittok LVII

6/10 by krellpam1

I had one of these on a Linn LP12 which is where it should be its a good sounding arm but not exceptional much prefer the Syrinx PU3 or Alphason 100S or a Naim Arrow. If you can get one for a good price in nice condition its worth having but there are better arms out there.

9/10 by Ian Mantula

Still going strong after 35 years. It's been unused for the last ten years but I have just fitted a new cartridge and have had a little time to revisit my old LP collection. The system sounds superb and some of that must be due to the Ittock. I have no way to compare it to any other arm, but it does everything I can expect of it. Why did I ignore it for so many years?

9/10 by steve195527

Most Linn products are overhyped,especially by Linn themselves,the Ittok is the opposite to that,probably because if Linn acknowledged how good it was,especially in LVIII mk2 form how could they possibly charge what they did/do for various versions of the Ekos, a well looked after one is still a good arm,not as good as some super arms but for the price you can get one 2nd hand still possibly unbeatable for use on a LP12

5/10 by Lucky7+sound

5/10 by maz1957

I had an Ittok LV11 for many years on an LP12, its a good arm but is out classed by the Zeta, Syrinx PU3 and Alphason 100s/mcs arms to a surprising degree. If you can get one for a good price less than £300 used then I think its worth it. The best feature of the Ittok is that it is very well made and is easy to set up.

9/10 by

Nice arm for lp12 good trade lot of pluses for the money ,not the last word in clarity but very musical

9/10 by satanfriendly

Even after all these years the Ittok can still hold its ground. Simple to set up, very easy and accurate VTA adjustment. Solid authoritive sonics. Allows cartridges to perform at their best.

Great match for the Oracle TT

8/10 by kennethyuen

Very balance and musical in partnership with Linn LP12. Also, reliable and simple design for long service in use.

9/10 by PMBroadhurst

The first true superarm - still competative today. If buying just watch out for the bearings.

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