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Linn Basik LVX Reviews

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Linn Basik LVX

Linn Basik LVX

3/10 by maz1957

Best avoided only a little better than a Linn LVV poor build quality poor tonearm.

4/10 by krellpam1

Had a few of these in my time never been impressed much better than the Linn LVV, just bought a Thorens TD321 with Linn LVX on again its ok but there are much better arms out there I will be glad to get rid of it and put a decent arm on this turntable.

7/10 by DSJR

Twenty years ago, the Basik LVX and Basik Plus were ten to fifteen years or so old and even then, the counterweight rubbery inserts were squashing up and turning to an almost gooey state. Amateurs knurdling cartridge mounting slots and loosening off the tonearm screw fixings due to over torqueing cartridge nuts and bots was another sonic killer we found in the UK... These days, really good examples are hard to find although a friend of mine did via the 'UK Linn Guru' (I'm not saying who, but he's well known internationally) and his Basik Plus was fine. The main issue with ALL LVX's with detachable shells is a loose or marginally tight headshell socket on the arm pipe. The worse this is, the more 'splattery' the sound becomes and for me selling the things in the 80's, it was an issue from new sometimes. The Basik Plus fixed shell arm was more easily tightened up carefully. PLEASE check any considered samples carefully, make sure the counterweight isn't freely spinning on its shaft (there should be a little friction there) and make sure you don't over set the bias correction (anti-skate) as it's a little high on all these.

8/10 by magman888

Still keep returning the The Basik, much preferred over the Regas.

6/10 by rattyvee

Lightweight and lively sound, it works very well on turntables like the Revolver imo. It might not be classy but it's a lot of fun.
If you have a higher end deck like an oracle you might be better with a ubiquitous tweaked rb250, but on cheaper fare it's more playful, i think it probably beats the cheap jelco sourced arms that were prevalent from the same era.

9/10 by dbmtb

I think Abril and NGM said all there is to be said. I can't really add anything.

9/10 by tomh

Actually a excellent arm, but at a budget price. No real vices, but not the absolute in resolution and detail.

8/10 by NGM

Value for money, tight bass, excellent instrument and vocal separation, all over great sound stage.

7/10 by abril

Surprisingly good,a little brash at times but otherwise well controlled and tight.

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