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Linn Basik LVX Reviews

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Linn Basik LVX

Linn Basik LVX

6/10 by rattyvee

Lightweight and lively sound, it works very well on turntables like the Revolver imo. It might not be classy but it's a lot of fun.
If you have a higher end deck like an oracle you might be better with a ubiquitous tweaked rb250, but on cheaper fare it's more playful, i think it probably beats the cheap jelco sourced arms that were prevalent from the same era.

9/10 by dbmtb

I think Abril and NGM said all there is to be said. I can't really add anything.

9/10 by tomh

Actually a excellent arm, but at a budget price. No real vices, but not the absolute in resolution and detail.

8/10 by NGM

Value for money, tight bass, excellent instrument and vocal separation, all over great sound stage.

7/10 by abril

Surprisingly good,a little brash at times but otherwise well controlled and tight.

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