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Linn Akito Reviews

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Linn Akito

Linn Akito

3/10 by maz1957

Better than the linn lvx but not by much sticky bearings is a real problem and best to avoid, Alphason delta or logic datum or Rega RB300 much better choices.

9/10 by adrianjones

I used an RB250 on my Gyro SE, then a heavily moded version of the same arm from Origin Live. I always had issues with heavy. wooly bass and fuzzy treble with my Goldring Elite MC. I swapped my Akito off my LP12 and tried it on the Gyro with the Elite. Wow! The horrible bass was now a fast, tight, dynamic bass and the treble was airy and extended. The sound just changed dramatically in a positive direction. I have since been buying vinyl again, sold the LP12 and OL arm. Be aware though that the bearings gather dust over the years and need service.

8/10 by davetruestory

I got mine since early 90S and I used various cartridges like Linn k5, Adik, Grado Signature Jr., Platinum, Red, Black, Audio Technica 95, 440mla and Denon dl 160, 110, and my two cents is that it can handle anything.

1/10 by DSJR

Early examples were made of metallic plasticine seemingly and it was easy to crush the tonearm pillar and knacker the horizontal bearings. the 'sound' of this tonearm in early to middling forms was always grainy (Linn seemed to like this sonic character as many of their similar period amps and speakers were like this too). Modern examples claim to be far superior in materials used and construction and current prices are very high indeed, but you know, Rega have significantly refined their RB tonearms over the last thirty five years, so if starting from scratch and with a tonearm mounting board choice, I'd avoid the Akito I think...

5/10 by purist

have been using the Akito (MK1) since the early 90s with an K18.
Had been very happy with the performance until I had to realize that the bearings made problems.
As described in earlier reviews, I could notice a uneven horizontal movement.
Yes, it even kind of stuck at certain positions.
Taking the arm apart was not that easy, as the bearings are glued fix.
Glueing is a cheap method allowing for larger manufacturing tolerances and cheaper construction and mounting.
In the end I needed specialized tooling and certain chemicals to get it apart.
Seeing the construction and quality of the bearings was quite a disillusioning experience.
The bearings were cheap standard flanged roller bearings, type F683.
The low quality of the bearings show in a rather scratchy and loud noise when turned at elevated speeds due to uneven running.
If You replace the bearings buy more than just the required four pieces and select from the batch those that perform with the lowest noise and smoothest run.
Still though these quite large bearings should have no difficulties whatsoever taking the normal loads, heck even take some abuse without beeing wrecked.
Also the way and the order the arm parts are mounted makes adjustment of the Akito difficult.
Anyway the cost of the Akito was imho acceptable for its level of performance at that time.
As the newest models are principally constructed the same as the Akito MK1 the nowadays price appears short of extortionate.
Having ´experienced´ the Akito to the bone, I wouldn´t buy any of its versions again, even though I now know how to repair it.

8/10 by The Gryphon

I have run an Akito on my Linn Basik for 25 plus years and what a wonderful performer it is with both low compliance MMs and medium compliance MCs. I believe that this arm works best in a well mounted deck and is intolerant of anything short of a solidly mounted deck or an LP 12 set up. In addition it needs really well setting up to sing well.

2/10 by Noj2015

I have owned this arm for 25 years as part of a Linn Axis . For at least half that time I have been unhappy about intermittent tracking distortion and sometimes jumping at the end of LPs and always put it down to the cartridge, assuming that the TT was perfect. One day when fitting yet another cartridge hoping for better track-ability I noticed while balancing the arm that there were two or three places horizontally where the arm wanted to settle as if pulled by a magnet. This was not due to the anti-skate mechanism but very likely a damaged arm bearing creating a notchy travel across the record. This is unforgivable for a product at this price. The bearings aren't exactly under much load are they (compared to a moto-x bike or something)? I always treated the arm with the utmost care. Replaced it with a Project 9 and so far it outclasses the Akito in all aspects.

9/10 by GrahamP

I have owned four Lp12 over the years and have had a variety of arms including SME II, Hadcock, Grace,x2 Linn Ittock's and now a Linn Akito. This is an early one made in Japan but don't let that put you off its still a very fine arm indeed! Its not an Ittock BUT I use a Denon DL304 (see review) and it allows this cartridge to perform at levels I would never had believed and I did doubt it would be a good mix when I agreed to giving the Denon a go. My experience of the Rega arms that are in competition is that the Rega's are NO threat. Buy an undamaged Akito and you will never need to replace it unless of course you want to spend serious money! For the price I rate this arm extremely highly.

6/10 by NAVS24

I do not like Akito with a Goldring 2500: playing the micro-details and the stamp is corresponding to the instruments, but the sound is cold, no dynamics, no contrast, lack the full orchestra, lacks aggressiveness. On other turntable lower quality Goldring 2500 is very fine, balanced in the full range of sound, the sound is very fined and elegant!

9/10 by AOmega_X

9/10 by sagr

8/10 by valvtrask

A great performing arm for the value on my Axis together with AT95 SA.

9/10 by tapestry38

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