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Jelco SA-750D Reviews

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Jelco SA-750D

Jelco SA-750D

5/10 by lee hee yam

I owned 5 tonearm.Jelco 750 is a only one mount on my turntable for first day when i purchase.I sure i will no remove it forever. 5 stars.

10/10 by fredysilva

Excellent arm, very well built getting even better with Easy VTA

10/10 by feldman

I had some issues with my Rega RB300 with Denon DL103. Replaced DL103 with Ortofon OM20, and the sound improved. Still, I had problem setting everything up properly, the tracking wasn't the best and it would distort on more challenging passages.

The moment I replaced RB300 with Jelco 750E 10 tonearm, not only did the sound become so much better, gone are all the issues with mistracking. And amazing tonearm for the price!

9/10 by Andrei_nz

I have three Technics SL1200 turntables. One with Stock Arm, one with Jelco 750D one with an Origin Live Conqueror Mk3C. The Technics is by far the easiest to use. There is a good case for not upgrading it, ie most of its weaknesses can be addressed. A rewire and good headshell get you most of the way there. The Jelco is an upgrade in Sound Quality. The issues is the cost, not only of the tonearm but you will also need an armboard. In terms of its styling it still looks good, and is compatible with the design of the Technics Turntable. The only downside is the VTA. This has to be done with a set-screw. In fact it is a bit worse than that as the placing of the set-screw is not optimal. There is an aftermarket collar that addresses this (called a Shuggie Collar) made by Ammonite Audio. If you get this and are not swapping out cartridges a lot then the Jelco is a fabulous arm. I prefer it over the Origin Live Conqueror.

9/10 by Fritz33

750DB/Thorens 160 Super/2M Black with a Cary SLP98-P preamp -- my vinyl has never sounded so good. Highly recommended!

10/10 by briansch

fed ram allet lyder godt kan andbefale at købe denne ram og serlig til den pris

8/10 by richard-38

The fact that !any companies ,use it as an oem part says enpugh, and switcj to the sa-750d ,after i've had one in mt hand, rocksolid, and the replacable headshells are way easier then the technoarm, and it's easy to adjust.

9/10 by naa

Great thing! The sound difference between 750 and 250 Jelcos is so big that you can not imagine at first. The second huge thing if the price difference between is so small that it makes no sense try to save money. Buy it!

10/10 by spearo

This arm outperforms any RB300. I've mounted a Ortofon Rondo Bronze on it and it sounds simply great.I am very satisfied.
But watch out if you buy this arm stand alone to mount it on a existing deck,I'd give strict advice calling Cristian Feickert from Feickert Analogue for the correct spindle to pivot distance. The distance of 214mm given by Jelco is simply not correct just like the overhang. The tonearms static weight is not correct as well. I don't know how Jeco came to such calculations. The correct mounting distance is somewhat around 210mm. anti skating does have large influence, personally i have the best performance with an value of around 1,8

Apart from mounting problems because inproper calculations given by jelco this arm is a real stunner!.With a closed internal wiring and a asymetric counterweight he beats with ease arms twice the price !No wonder this is the new standart tonearm mounted by many high-end TT manufacturers.

10/10 by Bikerboy

This arm is the bargain and giant killer to boot, I use it with my SPU spirit, and Io Japan it holds its own with a number of the great arms

10/10 by willeve146

Researched tonearms for a long time before zeroing on the SA-750D. Like it much more then my Mayware Formula IV. Much easier to work with and better results (to be fare the MW was bought used and the SA is brand new.) Unless you have a reference system its hard for me to see how one could justify spending two to three times as much for another tonearm when balanced against the return. I have Grado Reference Sonata mounted on it which by some accounts is somewhat of a mismatch, but with the Grado broken in the sound is amazing so I would say its pretty versatile.

8/10 by nico

Excellent arm, great for cartridge swapping! You can't go wrong for just over £400

10/10 by chaskelljr1963

Nice Reviews for this Arm.

The fact that I am saving up for one should DEFINITELY speaks volumes about it.

I plan to mount mine onto a Thorens TD-160 when I do finally get one. And will either mount an Ortofon 2M Blue, a Sumiko BPS EVO III, or a Benz or Shelter Cartridge onto before everything is over and done with it.

Would love an Alphason Designs HR100S. It would be the ONLY arm that could beat the Jelco SA-750D in my opinion. Finding one of those beauties on the used market would be the ONLY arm I would consider over the Jelco. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too much of an overkill for my Thorens TD-160. Otherwise, it will be the Jelco for me.

Can't wait to finally get mine. I plan to get mine between Mid-July and Mid August.

Highly Recommended!!!!


9/10 by Ccptan

Superb arm comfortably beats Rega RB300 with more extended and cleaner treble, improved air and instruments precision in the soundstage. Great value for money.

9/10 by 337alant

An Excellent and low cost tonearm highly recomended

10/10 by alfacosmic

...a long search is over - the Jelco SA-750D combined with the DENON DL-103SA, all set up for a total mass of 35gramms (arm+shell+cartridge+extra weight+fixture) blows my mind away - perfect!

9/10 by BobP

If you would choose Bentley over Rolls this one is for you. The only thing that could be better is VTA adjustment.

9/10 by safin

Jelco again proving many other tonearm brands are over priced!!

8/10 by dickesohr

This arm has only one"s to cheap for the high quality. highly recommended!!!

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