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Jelco SA-250ST Reviews

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Jelco SA-250ST

Jelco SA-250ST

9/10 by mmcnult1

Excellent arm for the very little money they can be found for. Even better with a silver or cardas copper internal wire upgrade.... Easily as good as any of the lower level Linn, Rega etc arms, without the price tag. Just about all the top arm manufacturers have used Jelco based arms and parts in their designs over history, with OEM badged versions of this arm or variants of it used by Mission, AR, Koetsu, simko, Linn, Roksan and many many others.

9/10 by fremitus

Simple, elegant arm. This is the arm on my Rotel RP-850 and they came stock on them back in the day. It's lovely.

9/10 by Jimbuy

I have not had the 250ST version; but the Oracle version; which is, I think, the AudioQuest version (PT9?) with a wiring upgrade. I think it is a very good value, with better bass, detail, and staging than my Linn Basik. An arm with many aliases.

8/10 by RickK10101

I have a Revolver turntable with this Jelco 250ST; great combo. I think this arm is also marketed under the name Profile.

8/10 by eduardodia

Excelent very good for mc cartridges.

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