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Infinity Black Widow Reviews

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Infinity Black widow

Infinity Black widow

10/10 by kerryp57

Have a Infinity Black Widow w/Shure(V15-VMR) mounted on a Technics SP10 Mk11. Great combination!!

9/10 by adlpc

One of the most elegantly simple, knife edge vertical hinge, Carbon fiber, straight (phew) tonearms made! Also one of the lightest! Designed for high and extreme high compliance cartridges (popular at the time), yet with minor mods it can be adjusted for mid and lower compliance cartridges as well. The original two section aluminum tonarms were very delicate and susceptible to breakage close to the joint if mishandled. The later Carbon fiber tonarms were of two varieties, a two section version similar to the original aluminum version in tube design, and a final version with a tapered carbon fiber tube. The two section carbon version was much less susptible to breakage, and the tapered one piece carbon eliminated the issue. These arms are easily adjustable for proper cartridge set-up with tracking force, overhang, VTA or SRA, Azimuth, etc. For mid and lower compliance cartridges, the tonarm mass could be easily increased by adding weights to the center hole of the cartridge mount and inserting weights into the hollow tracking force adjustment tube at the back end of the arm for proper balancing. Antiskating is quite accurate when the arm and cartridge are set up properly. Only when set up incorrectly, sometimes a slight rattle may be noticed from the knife edge bearings but is eliminated with correct arm and cartridge readjustment. Broken tonarm tubes can be repaired or upgraded with a two section carbon aftermarket tonarm which can be found on ebay from time to time. An extremely versatile and excellent overall performing tonearm with amazing adjustability given its very simple design. Is a favourite with the best Shures (V15-VMR) and some of the more modern higher compliance cartridges although its adjustability makes it a fine tonearm for almost any cartiridge.

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