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Helius Aureus Reviews

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Helius Aureus

Helius Aureus

10/10 by mortene

I own the successor, Helius Aurora, which is the single best piece of kit Inever bought in terms of unquestionable improvement.

9/10 by antennaguru

I have owned the Mk2 version with the gold colored armtube and counterweights for some 3 decades. It has lived its whole life on my Thorens TD125 Mk2 turntable. I bought the Helius in a knowledgeable shop in London that also recommended that I mount it on an acrylic armboard instead of the original Thorens armboard. Accordingly, I bought a section of 1/2 inch thick dark smoked acrylic from a local glass shop who cut it exactly to size for me. I polished the edges and drilled the necessary holes in my workshop. This tonearm has been a huge improvement over the original Thorens tonearm in every way!

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