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Graham 2.2 Reviews

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Graham 2.2

Graham 2.2

10/10 by 6L6

Fantastically easy to mount and setup. Extremely easy to adjust.

Cartridge mounting takes 5min because of the included jig, and is more accurate than I can ever do with a protractor.

VTA on the fly, with almost an inch of throw, easy azimuth adjustment, and micrometer precision on all adjustments - tracking weight, VTA, and azimuth.

It's a unipivot of proper balance, has interchangeable armtubes, and is silicon damped. It's a pleasure to use and beautiful in it's style and manufacture.

The sound is the best I've ever heard. Period.

9/10 by roughplanet

This arm replaced an SME IV on a Michel Orbe T/T & was well worth the effort. Easy to setup, but most unforgiving if the cartridge is not aligned properly.

It excels in deep, tight bass, superb midrange & extended highs without any screechinesss. Cartridges used are all Benz Micro; Ruby 2, Ruby 3 & Ivory LP. Definitely a keeper.

10/10 by grimwould

A very very good tonearm, so easy to set up and is so well made it is a pleasure to use, this is one of the best Unipivots I have used.Well worth the money.

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