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Grace G-747 Reviews

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Grace G-747

9/10 by jdubbie

This arm appears to be nearly identical to the G-727, sharing with it a dismountable headshell. (I don't know if the headshell for the one will work on the other, but appearances suggest it.) My experience with the G-747 is also similar to reviews of the G-727. It seems like it's a better fit with highly compliant MM cartridges. I mounted a Supex MC 900 on it once and it felt like a mismatch, though the needle tracked reliably. I have this arm mounted on a custom restored AR XA. The viscous cuing is nice. Mine drops a trifle more quickly than I'd like and could possibly need a shot of fresh oil -- not yet broke enough to fix. I have a Shure V15vxMR mounted and no strong desire to try anything else, though it is on my bucket list to try an Ortofon MM someday with this arm. I glued a US quarter dollar to the back of the counterweight when I mounted the Supex because it needed more weight to adjust VTF accurately. I really did not need to remove the extra weight when I mounted the Shure, so I didn't. The anti-skate feature has a mechanical, practical charm to it, though I have never been able to tweak the setting to keep the needle from skating into the outer grooves if I don't cue it just right at the beginning of the record, so I just set it to match the VTF. VTA is very easy to adjust -- another plus. Since I like MM cartridges, I am happy with the arm, but it will not be the right arm for all comers. My other TT (and absolute reference) is a Linn LP12 with Ekos tonearm. The Grace is not in the same league, but it is not trying to be. For what it is, it is wonderful and a joy. I deduct half a point for these non-essential faults: cuing issue at the start of play (mentioned above), the scarcity of headshells (it'd be nice to have a couple extras -- why not just use a G-707 if you can't get a replacement headshell?) and the non-standard mount of the headshell (adding to its scarcity, no doubt), and my feeling, at least, that it really should be limited to use with lighter, more highly compliant pickups, which will be a liability for someone even if it is not for me for the purpose to which I use it.

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