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Grace G-727 Reviews

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Grace G-727

Grace G-727

10/10 by umi


My audio system was set up expressly according to my tastes (voice, jazz, classic) and even if I meet limits in certain auditions (bigband, rock and others ...), I am still really satisfied even after 30 years of listening. In fact, to date I have not found better for the investment or value for money.


Grace G-727 / MC : Ortofon Rondo blue / Super Supex
Rega Planar 3
Meridian 101/103 (35w)
Harbeth Loudspeaker MKII

10/10 by alionida

Great arm, perform great in Thorens TD125 and with high-compliance carts.

9/10 by jfds56

This is a great tonearm. Used with AT OC5 & OC9 and Ortofon MC200 on Thorens TD160S, both sing in the arm. Had to slightly modify to damp arm tube and add weight to counterweight. Collar screw gets dodgy eventually but headshell plugs in well none the less.

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