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Grace G-707 Reviews

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Grace G-707

Grace G-707

10/10 by keilau

I have had the Grace 707 original version for many years after reading it at Stereophile. The cartridge is a moderately high compliance Dynavector Karat 17 Ruby, which is a perfect match. It was first used on a Thorens TD-160, then a TD-125 Mark-II.

10/10 by Redford4X

have g707Quadmaster. versatile - as medium mass allows both high and low compliance carts to be tried.

supex 901EV, Victor MD1016,Aurex 210 - all work well. beautifully made. no complaints. can be mounted in SME apeture slot, with arm at back, arm clamp at front (technics SL). blu-tacked £10p coin on rear of c/weight, provides effective decoupled extra c/weight1977-2019 service, no bearing slop.

10/10 by oztayls

When engineers overthink things, you get the SME 3009 III behemoth. When engineers think “what is needed?” and nothing more, you get the simple and beautiful elegance of the Grace 707. The Grace 707 is my favourite tonearm. It has nothing you don’t need. It should be in The Louvre for its artistic value alone. The fact that it is one of the best sounding tonearms available is a bonus. My goodness, it takes my breath away....

10/10 by vedransi

Excellence in all respects, including the sound. Especially if you wrap some tape around the counterweight shaft to stop the counterweight 'wobble'...

10/10 by desertdog

For high compliant cartridges and is very good, I use a elac emc 1 moving coil in my personal setup mounted on a modified lenco. I could not wish for anything better. Posted. 2016

9/10 by Big Bob

I have a Thorens TD160 with the Grace 707 tonearm with the MM ortofon OM series in which I switch between the )M 10 to OM 30 stylus dependent on the vinyl I listen to. Very nice sound on this. My favorite system.

10/10 by anmpr1

For high compliance MM cartridges, this simple four point design is worth owning. Workmanship is first rate. The detachable head shell version (747) is also as good, and even more ergonomic. The down side is that there is no integrated arm clamp, but rather a stand alone device that must be drilled into the arm-board, somewhere.

10/10 by haalgian

8/10 by Sax

I have had this tonearm about 8 years not on a rega p2 (1970's) and I love it.

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