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Fidelity Research FR 54 Reviews

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Fidelity Research FR 54

8/10 by bluesun

Extremely well built, beautifully finished and easy to use tonearm, even after 30+ years. Indeed the FR-54 does have anti-skate: there is supposed to be a small weight on nylon line that mounts just under the arm tube. Mine only had that one weight--and there is no other adjustment--so anti-skate seemed to be set for a tracking weight of 1.5g all the time which was really no problem in practice. Ultimately though the arm offered so much in looks and ease of operation I sold it as I felt it just sounded rather bland, specifically it was not very detailed compared to other arms I've used in my setup

10/10 by vinyltourist

The FR-54 is a very underrated arm that typically sells for $400-$500. The original headshell was limited by its hood-like sides and I replaced it with a flat headshell that's open all around.

10/10 by mjw21a

Fantastic tonearm. Extremely easy to adjust and operate. Performance is nearly on par with the FR-24 Mk2. As with all FR arms they don't really seem to benefit from anti-skate so its absence on this model is a non issue.

8/10 by Prakit

Very well made tonearm.

8/10 by zcm9

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