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Fidelity Research FR 24 Reviews

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Fidelity Research FR 24

10/10 by mjw21a

Running the FR-24 Mk2 on my Ariston RD110 SL for the most alluring, sublime sound I've ever heard from a table paired with a Supex SD900 Rosewood cart in the Supex Rosewood headshell.These things track beutifully with IGD being pretty well non existent. While the Mk2 has anti-skate it seems these arms really don't need it. This was my first Fidelity Research arm and is a noticeable improvement over the Victor UA-5045 being altogether sweeter sounding, softer around the edges and more layered. It makes other arms sound outright digital sounding in comparison.

As another reviwer has stated above, in these suspended subchassis tables (Ariston/Linn/Fons etc) you can't fit the lid on with one of these installed due to the longer counter weight extension.

Since first hearing this arm on the Ariston I now also have a FR-24 Mk1, FR-54, FR-14 and FR-64S. Thats how good these arms are!

10/10 by watt+

This is an astonishing arm! In fact i dont understand why it is that cheap. It works perfect with all my pickups from decca via supex, fr,at to entre or emt/vdh. You can scale the sound via the mounting-basis from fast with bronze(colored) or graphit(neutral) to slow (warm/round) with balsa or ebony. It can handle headshells from 18gr to 5gr with ease. it never sounds dull (what was my problem with a modern thorens) or uninvolving and brittle like my saec when mounted on metal. It is easy to set up and with all three original counterwights universal in use.
I have two of them on my technics sp10 mk2 an love them for playing with mm, mi, mc, any record with any pickup for my pleasure and taste. For the silly prices they can be had or in absolute terms 10 of 10 anyway.

10/10 by

More than one year ago i bought this FR24 to alternate with my Ittok on my LP12 driven by an out board PS DIY from Audio Amateur a lar Gallo Gary,well due to the weight of my aluminum bodied ,self done, Denon 103 i depended on a local machine artist at to do two heavier counter weight SSmachined nicelly.So far. No info obtained on the adjusting of the antiskating but has not been an issue for me.As far as performance i was surprised by the details this arm get from the Denon,details that becomes so pleasant but never too analytical distracting your attention from the musical message and thats what matter at the end.My Ittok integrates that music very nice but have always noticed some kind of blurring in the lowmids high low region.My only Complaint on using this arm on my LP12 is that the back counter weight extention do not allowed me to used the original Linn acrylic cover or am i wrongly mounting it.?Wrap up an extremelly nice tone arm bought and decent price and a superb performer.

9/10 by 33-45-78

This is an astonishing arm. With the right cartridge it has all the virtues a vinylista a looks for; deep wide soundstage, detail retrieval, analytical ability, exceptionally smooth bearing, superb engineering/fit & finish, looks, durability, involving 'you are there' presence and pedigree. It just doesn't photograph well. FR history lore tells me this was FR's first tonearm and found favour in the Imperial household, propelling FR into the spotlight as Japan's top analogue dog. The Emperor knew his stuff. It pains me to say it, but on balance of resolution and pure involvement my FR-24 MKII beats the Audiomods arm. Jeff's arm is more focused and faster but the FR-24 just has this intangible magic that draws the listener in, no longer a listener but a part of the experience. So if you find today's four figure super arms a tad brittle or etched this FR model could be the answer. For the silly prices they can be had, I have to give it 10/10. An owner in Brussels reported his newly acquired FR24 bettered his Graham arm with an Allaerts Finish, at the time I thought total BS. Not anymore!

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