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Excel Sound Corporation ES-801 Reviews

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Excel Sound Corporation ES-801

Excel Sound Corporation ES-801

9/10 by teknokem

The ES801 is on my DIY Lenco 78 based turntable from about two years. Previous arm was a Rega RB250 with Michell techno weight, it is still there as a second arm but I don't use it anymore. The ES is an excellent tonearm. Stunning build quality. Great aesthetic with that spherical counterweight.
I tested it with Ortofon Quintet Bronze cartridge. I also own two Denon 103 (normal and R) both modified with graphite body. They weigh 14 grams and fit perfectly to the ES801 (while I cannot balance them on the Rega). Sound quality of this tonearm is great, very dynamic, detailed and vivid presentation. A different league with respect to the modified Rega. Very satisfied.

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