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Denon DA-307 Reviews

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Denon DA-307

Denon DA-307

7/10 by chefducuisine

Never been really happy. The biggest complaint is the damper prior to the pivot as others already said.

But there is light:
In my version the rubber was getting weak due to age so a friend made a replacement out of stiff plastic on a 3D printer. This changes the wobbly arm totally. I installed it while rewiring of the whole arm as the wires go through the thingy.
What can I say - This is the first time this arm became usable and sounding good and not as lifeless as it was before...
Being stiff, the arm is now very easy to set up - the magnetic anti-skating dial contributes nicely to this.

9/10 by KPax AV

I got DA-307 in December 2012, since then I tested this tonearm with few cartridges and I have say one think... It is 5 star tonearm !
However to be fair... there are better tonearms out there

as per lack of rigidity by anmpr1; wow... are taking about tonearm or cultivator ?

2/10 by anmpr1

I am hesitant to contradict E.M. Long, who stated that the tonearm could be recommended. However, in their efforts to control resonances the Denon engineers placed a flexi-damper prior to the pivot, and this allows the arm to flex. The DUAL bobbing counterweight design would have been a better solution, or even silicon gunk in a paddle at the pivot. The best damping is at the stylus, but only Shure pulled this off very well. On the other hand, magnetic anti-skating is a nifty implementation, but what good is that if the arm suffers from a lack of rigidity?

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