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Audiocraft - Ultracraft AC-30 Reviews

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Audiocraft - Ultracraft AC-30

Audiocraft - Ultracraft AC-30

9/10 by maz1957

I recently purchased one of these arms off ebay, I had one many years ago it was a shop demo thought it was ok but definitely not as nice as my Mission 774 I was using on an original systemdek the one with the very heavy platter I could not get the top off to check the fluid and being a unipivot tonearm any way I strongly suspected that it was faulty as the arm did not move freely as it should so I returned to the hifi shop in Nottingham. Always wanted to try another so found a nice one off ebay set this up on my Logic DM101 which had a Mission 774 different arm fitting for the Ultracraft but managed to sort it out. Tried it first with a Goldring elite moving coil and what a revelation I would say at least as good as my Mission 774. I had a Systemdek 11X Electronic turntable without an arm and it fitted nice sounded as good to me as the Logic DM101 so there it is. A real surprise to me but having said that it is beautifully made a sensible 9g effective arm mass only thing is it does need patience in setting it up properly. I have several turntables including an Alphason Sonata Linn LP12 and Nottingham Analogue and a few others and several tonearms and around 15 or so high end cartridges so I am confident in its value. I always thought of the original Mission 774 as the most versatile and best value tonearm ever made now it has a partner The Ultracraft AC30. Have an open mind

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