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Audio Technica AT 1120 Reviews

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Audio Technica AT 1120

Audio Technica AT 1120

10/10 by The Fast

This is one of the lowest mass tonearms. Perfect for cartridges with low weight and very high compliance. Maximum performance with quadraphonic cartridges. It is very well balanced. For me, it is the best choice in this range.

9/10 by Fenboy

A classy looking arm that performed well for me with a variety of cartridges over a 20+yr period.

I had it mounted on a Thorens TD160 which it seemed to suit fine.

10/10 by jumbohut

This is an excellent tonearm for moving magnet cartridges whose output equals its 'big' brother the AT-1100 (I've had both) and is comparable to a SME series III.

With its SME mounting plate it is an easy fix to most decks good decks.

Highly recommended!

5/10 by Calvin Tulloch

The AT 1120 Similar To The AT 1100, Far From Being Straight Forward. Carries Good High End Using The AT20 Cartridge. The TA 1100 Said It All. Works Well With J R Michell Hydraulic Transcription.

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