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Audio Note Arm 2 v2 Reviews

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Audio Note Arm 2 v2

Audio Note Arm 2 v2

9/10 by Phil Y

I purchased this arm to replace a fully Origin Live modified Rega RB250 (slotted arm tube, fully re-wired, counter weight stub, high grade phono plugs). I have to say it was a major step forward in all areas. The bass is firmer and more textured, midrange is much more open, detailed and airy sounding and treble is smoother and more detailed. The sound is generally more musical and natural. I am very happy as it has done all I was hoping for in an arm upgrade. My deck is a Goldring Lenco GL75 mounted in a heavy, solid plinth.
Be aware that there are no calibrations/markings on the arm so unless you are experienced with setting up arms it would be best left to a dealer.

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