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Alphason Designs HR100S Reviews

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Alphason Designs HR100S

Alphason Designs HR100S

9/10 by binkbug

I paired mine up with a Pink Triangle and a very nice Grado handbuilt cartridge, exceptional!

10/10 by Chrisr

Paired with Sonata turntable MC20 Cart EAR transformer and EAR pre and EAR509 Monoblocks KEF C95 very revealing Transparent system

10/10 by fmplautus

best sound for moving magnets

5/10 by desertdog

Not liked at all, silver wire makes the mid and top sound very brittle and unpleasant. Get it rewired with good copper wire and sound does improve somewhat. For me not a keeper. Posted 2015

10/10 by billb

This is the second one of these I've owned. I have had Ittok, Zeta, SME's - if you want holographic mids then get one!

10/10 by titino

very good arm, works perfect with Grado cartridges

8/10 by runforfree

Had a new one in the 80's cost £280 on a Systemdek 1V, nice arm but no match for the bigger SME'S that followed, a real stunning looking arm though, very stylish.

9/10 by Infinite_Sound

Excellent arm also Xennon comes close

9/10 by daveford

lovely arm. were modified in SA with transformer wire internally. amazingly successful

10/10 by drewburn

so close to my SMS V

10/10 by Ariano Alberto

Very good arm. The best sound I've ever heard.

10/10 by Elac-User

Top high end arm. The best sound I've ever heard.

10/10 by giacomopischedda

Very good arm with stunning mids, a real bargain.

9/10 by lynlp12

sleek and sound its a true bargain on the used market

10/10 by brutalis

It is the best sounding arm I've ever heard..

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