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Acos Lustre GST 1 Reviews

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Acos Lustre GST 1

Acos Lustre GST 1

9/10 by oztayls

I have an Acos Lustre GST1 and an SME 3009 S2 Improved each on almost identical Linn Sondek LP12s from the 70s, each running Ortofon Super OM30 carts. I was quite happy with the SME until I bought another Linn without a tonearm and installed the Acos. The Acos, like the SME is superbly engineered, but the Acos is much more user friendly and you can make adjustments on the fly. To be honest, I've always found the SME to a real PITA, especially height adjustments.The Acos has a brilliant series of dials and levers to make any adjustment dead easy and instant. It's a low mass arm and is well suited to carts like the Shure V15 III and Ortofon Super OM series. I was absolutely gob-smacked by the performance of the Acos. Compared back to back with the SME, it's a no contest really. The sound difference is like comparing an OM10 vs an OM30, so the Acos performance is significantly better than the SME. The Acos has better quality standard cables too. Roy Gandy of Rega is no idiot and it must have been a no-brainer for him to have chosen Acos to make his arms based on the Acos designs. If you have to choose between these two, get the Acos. It's a superb arm when set up correctly. Just make sure the bearings are in good nick.

8/10 by mannydk

I'm using a 1971 or 72 (no bubble level) INERTIA BDT-1 with the original Lustre GST 1 tonearm and a Concorde Pro cartridge (I have the original headshell and Ortofon FF 15 XE MkII cartridge). I bought it a flea market about 17 years ago, just because it looked cool, and payed Dkr. 50,- (less then $ 8). I used it shortly but the belt broke and I couldn't get a new one that fitted. So I went digital and it has been stored in a drawer in my living room until I got it back out about a 2 month ago. A vintage Hi-Fi rep. shop found a belt that works okay, even thought it's not the right length and thickness. The turntable itself is not that good, but the tonearm is great and you can't hear the noises from the turntable when the music's playing. ?;0) 10-12-2017

10/10 by aorpheus

Great arm! I have been using a lot of different arms during several years, from rega to origin live, jelco and audio technica. Finally I've landed to GST1 almost casually (a bargain bid on ebay) and now really will never come back. I've mounted it on my selfmade bamboo plinth for my Garrard 401, wow, unbelivable.... The music come through to real life. With all my cartridges is really a perfect matching (i.e. Ortofon MC20 Super, or a Classic Denon DL103 with cocobolo body and many others). I really believe this is a fantastic arm, with a lot of regulations and a very solid structure. When you have it in your hands you realize the quality of the product. Really recommended.

10/10 by Hawkers

I have fitted this arm to my very early Rega Planar 2, to replace the Acos-built R200 arm. I immediately noticed the slightly superior build quality (a few more metal parts, superior anti-skate mechanism, better quality bearings, it just feels like a quality arm). It differs from the pictured version (no base plate or height adjustment) but is an easy swap for the R200. Just note it needs a minor mod to the height spacer, as it sits about 5mm higher than the R200. Musically, it is a step up from the old R200. Best of all, it's just so easy to use and set up. This will be my workhorse for many years to come.

8/10 by lefu_vin

Great tonearm but not all carts will play well with this model. Use carts that have 6-12 grams weight. The setup is easy and fast much easier than SME 3009 series. The is a good tonearm to check different types of carts of MM or MC. I useded it with GRADO SS1 sound was perfect, but when I changed to AT3070 MC with Shibata needle now this was the right choice.
The bottom line is when you can get it in near mint condition go for it, it is a great tone arm despite the 30 year of age. I had to buy two to pick a very good condition. Most of the arms had a broken plastic part. this was due too over tighting two screws. this does havea meaning but overall once fixed it plays great.

enjoy the music

9/10 by titino

Fantastic sounding tonearm with very smooth VTA adjustment

7/10 by TurnTableRocker

My GST-1 had been mounted at a Rega Planet and has neither height adjustment nor the base-plate as shown. Attention: The 4 screw-holes have not the same positions as the original SME-base-plate ! You can find this version at the Fisher MT-6225. I love my GST-1 and I have spend him an alu-brushed headshell with a long fingertip. Plus fresh silicone-portion for the arm-lift (500.000. mol). Easy to change like Rega. The GST-1 was an amazing choice and no chance for eye-cancer ! ;-)

10/10 by fasterthanlightening

I have owned my Acos Lustre GST-1 since the early 1970s and I am STILL using it today.
In the 1970s we had parties every week which went on till dawn and this tone arm was used with my Garrard 401 transcription turntable (which I also still use) and a Shure M75 EJ type II ( long gone) to supply the music ( I was the DJ).
This tone arm is STILL in PERFECT working order and I have never done anything to it, but these days I have a Linn K9 attached to it.
The Garrard 401 has had a little attention over the years but it is also running perfectly today.
I am so pleased that I decided on this setup all those years ago, I was at one point tempted to go for the SME tone arm but never liked the silly fishing line compensation arrangement which is obviously a source of friction.
So for the last 43 years or so I have been a very happy music listener and have never felt the need to change either the tone arm or the turntable !!!

8/10 by Gary7m

I'm certain that there are better arms in existence, but I'd like to give a shout out to the Lustre GST 1 that I've owned almost 35 years. The arm is very well built. It is bulletproof. I have never had one bit of trouble with it. I had Audio Orgami perform their wiring modification and it is just that much better than it was before. I have mounted many different cartridges over the years and each of them has performed well. It seems that the effective mass is right in the sweet spot of most cartridges.

8/10 by wayneg

this looks just like the arm that came stock on my sansui sr4050c minus the vta adjustment

9/10 by desertdog

Good range of adjustment, very well thought out and good build quality, super sound scale and easy to set up. the only down side is the hole cutout for mounting is a little tricky. i would say it is a well balanced clear sounding arm. posted 2013

10/10 by Terry_Thacker

I have had one of these for a couple of years now. It is superb with my new Denon DL 160. Plenty of space around the instruments. Excellent bass, Middle and treble. Silky strings and biting brass it's such an exciting sound. Tracks at 1.6 grams. My speakers are Lowther DX4 in Headlund Horns. Valve amplification, and G Naulty Pre-amp. Thorens Modified TD150 Turntable, Awsome..

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