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Acos Lustre GST 801 Reviews

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Acos Lustre GST 801

Acos Lustre GST 801

9/10 by tomchk

Easy to set up, we can adjust the VTA on fly. Excellent performance with an EMT P6.0 . It produce vivid sound with a silent and dark background. I like it very much.

9/10 by atc333

The 801 is a very high quality arm, great bearings, extremely well finished, with silver internal wires,and very very sensitive to set up, or otherwise you are missing just what this arm can reveal from your cartridge and vinyl. Only issue is that on mine, the arm lift is no longer functional, but considering used price to performance ratio, it is a no brainer for most users requiring a medium mass arm, and not willing to pay the price for one of the new equivalent high end arms now available. You do need to consider the total weight of the arm when using the heavy threaded base nut which is the standard means by which the arm is mounted to the arm board.
It could be problematic for lightly sprung suspended turntables, unless a light weight nut is used instead. The 801 and its heavy base nut function beautifully with the Source Turntable, which uses 5 springs in its suspension system, instead of the usual 3.

9/10 by freedmfred

Built like a fine watch. Fantastic sounding tonearm with very smooth VTA adjustment. Works great with Lustre headshell and light SAEC ones. Today, that level of engineering would cost you big bucks. Worth seeking out on the used market...

5/10 by alfa159

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