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Abis SA-1 Reviews

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Abis SA-1

Abis SA-1

10/10 by AirAudio

This is a review of the Abis - 2.1, being the most recent version. The arm is, as you can tell from the illustration, an unusual design, its designed specifically for moving coil and old design mono cartridges, being heavy mass. I have used it with a Hana SL and an old Transfiguration cartridge with terrific results. The tone-arm cable supplied is OK, but a better quality tone-arm cable (SME 5 pin type plug) draws much more from the cartridge. It has a standard detachable headshell, which some folk will not like, but it does mean that you can quickly change cartridges, so excellent if you like to listen to your mono records with a mono cart. and stereo with a stereo one. There is a sliding fine weight adjustment within the arm, which makes adjusting between cartridges child's play.
The bias adjustment is a hidden spring and the adjustment again is calibrated and easy to use.
Sound wise, its open and detailed, with little to get annoyed with (perhaps a little thickening of the sound when compared to far more expensive tonearms (like my 12 inch Audio Origami). It seems to be neutral and lets the cartridge do its job well. I like the looks, the feel in use and the neutrality of sound so I give it the highest 10/10 marks.

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