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AMG 9W2 Reviews

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9/10 by boneman88

I bought mine second hand looking for a change after owning an SME V for over 20 years. I ended up replacing the cueing mech as the previous one would no longer stay in the up position. I also changed out the 110 gram CW for one weighing 131 grams as the CW was well out on the arm beam due to the weight of my cart, 12.6 grams. All parts of the arm are well machined and beautifully made. Execution is superb and the bearings are smooth and without play in the two dimensions. There are no calibrations. Setting of tracking weight is done by moving the CW. Setting of the antiskate is not calibrated and done by ear. Same for VTA. Trust me, you get over this lack of convenience. The balance of all frequencies is quite even and the stability, width and depth of soundstage are excellent. Very easy to set up and a joy to listen to, I give it a 9 as there are no 10's, otherwise the pursuit of perfection would end. For my financial means, this is as good as it's going to get. I love my SME V and it sounds great after a recent service but its design and execution are not at the level of the AMG.

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