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ADC LMF-2 Reviews

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9/10 by The Fast

The arm with interchangeable headshell lower mass (8.5g).
It is a very simple and sensitive unipivot. It also has adjustable VTA.
Supports cartridges low mass and high compliance. Good choice.

8/10 by Billy64

I very much love this arm. I have a SME 3009, which sounds great with a Shure V15, but terrible with my Ortofon MC30. This arm sounds so good with the MC30, so much better than the SME, Don't believe the negative reviews, this is a great arm for cartridge swappers. I have run it with Grado's, Ortofon VMS, m20fl, Shure M75ED, And Stantons. Sounds just great everytime.
Transparent, VTA adjustment. No Rega shims here!

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