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ADC LMF-1 Reviews

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9/10 by Greyhousestudio

I have one of these on a Kenwood KD-500 with a Signet Mk7e cartridge. I have no complaints.

10/10 by icemanbruins

A nice little tonearm. Carbon fiber arm tube and assembly weight is low making it an ideal arm for an Oracle. Also the effective mass is really nice as you are not stuck using very high compliance carts, which are few and rare now. In fact I run a MC cart. on mine with fantastic results. Well made (in japan) Worth getting as they don't seem to be very expensive if you find one.

10/10 by Nightnan

Great arm! Love it!

3/10 by desertdog

Had one back in 1980, must admit I did not rate it at all, glad to get rid of it.

5/10 by PhanyChhum

Arrived ex-Greek Audio Sale, but without the correct retaining-nut for mounting. Now i read that I Optional stabiliser base ASL-1, provides additional mass to help stabilise lightweight turntable bases, thus establishing a firm foundation for mounting the ALT-1 arm.

The ASL-1 replaces the nut normally used to secure the arm to the turntable base. ---
Does anyone know of a stockist/supplier?

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