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ADC ALT-1 Reviews

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9/10 by chguigoz

Very good tonearm especially if you change its original cable (which is a piece of junk).

9/10 by ditto2u630

It all being subjective to each beholder, Great arm, ADC XLM MKII Improved cart on it now and blends nicely. While the arm and cart are way above the table itself I do really like the DD. DD producing some very high end TT now. All those who dumped a ton into belt tables and swear by them do to the $$ hole, will be the only ones to argue different points with you ;-) . Sonics are great with rock, jazz, blues, and classical that I have run it through. I do have a ridiculously high end table and have to say it doesn't blow it out the water in the least. When I first purchased it, the cart was not correctly aligned with an ADC XLM MKII on it but after a little adjustment, the sound was clear, rich, deep, and definitive. The ADC turntable does this arm an injustice but still produces great sound and I truly have not felt the need to change it out as I listen to it frequently. ADC was a great co. in the day and this is one example of it.

3/10 by desertdog

Not an arm i could warm to at all, bland is all i can say posted 2013

7/10 by Richard Coxon

I acquired one of these mounted on a Thorens TD160B mkII on E-bay.I was apprehensive at first but fitted an Audio Technica AT110E and then an Ortofon VMS20E mkII and obtained very pleasing results.

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