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Strobe Discs

Use these free strobe discs to check the running speed of your turntable and adjust as neccasary.

diy turntable strobe


(1) Select the correct mains frequency for your country

(2) Print out the speed disc to the desired size

(3) Cut a 7.25mm hole in the centre for the spindle

(4) View the disc under standard tungsten room lamp

(5) Bars should appear stationary


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50hz 33⅓ / 45rpm strobe disc

50hz 16⅔ / 33⅓ / 45 / 78 rpm strobe disc

60hz 33⅓ / 45rpm strobe disc

60hz 16⅔ / 33⅓ / 45 / 78 rpm strobe disc

60hz 33⅓ / 45 / 78 rpm Lenline Universal strobe disc

60hz 33⅓ / 45 / 78 rpm Robins phono strobe disc

Map of worldwide mains frequencies

To view PDF files the latest version of acrobat reader is required.


Easy Strobe Light

I modified a $3 led flashlight to work as a strobe and this works very well - just modify a 4.5V wall wart power supply by removing one of the rectifier diodes and filter capacitor. Use this to power up the flashlight and you are in business.

An Alternative

I have a test LP that has concert A as one of the tracks. I use a tuning meter at the speaker (Audio pickup) to accurately set the speed. The advantage is that it is done under playing conditions and is very easy to implement.

Strobe Disc

Thanks for a great site. Benn looking for something like this for month and here it is and for free. Have a lot of turntables how needs to be checked. Thanks again.

Handy Stroboscopes Easily Found

LED nightlamps that plug into the wall can be plugged into an extension cord and work very well for strobe discs, with a very bright display. Screw in LED lightbulb replacements work well too, the type that replace standard incandescent home bulbs.

CAUTION:These can light up the whole disc very brightly, causing vertigo, etc.

Standard orange neon lamps for speed measuring

A neon lamp will work if it is unrectified (with a diode in the line it is rectified), but a rectified unit will show a slightly different result. The bars of 78 RPM show up clearly rotating when the 33 RPM or 45 RPM bars are stationary (at their selected speeds) and when operating at 16 RPM both 16 RPM and 33 RPM bars will be stationary (when rectified with a crystal diode). When rectified only one side of the lamp illuminates.

Remember the neon lamp in conjunction with the strobe disc is also working with the line frequency (of 60cps).

16 RPM: 16 and 33 are stationary
33 RPM: 33 is stationary, 78 is counterclockwise
45 RPM: 45 is stationary, 78 is clockwise
78 RPM: 78 is stationary, all others are solid bands

With this, you will not need audio.

The circuitry difference is simply a rectifier diode (1N4007-anode to the line) before the (approx 30k) series resistor, and a 130k resistor in parallel with the (NE-48 1/4W) lamb, across its terminals. It works in miniature lamps too, but they can shatter if not careful.

Walkercolt: I found a little

Walkercolt: I found a little orange-red electricians neon "test-light" really "freezes" the bars very sharply. They cost $2 at a hardware store (or less!). Turn out the room lights and just plug the "test-light" into an extension cord. BTW: I'm a big "78" fan, but until after WWII different record companies and different countries used different speeds for "78's". Before the mid 30's the "correct" speed were as high as 90 RPM (Pathe/Victrola) to as low as 66.66 RPM (Dutche Grammaphone). US record companies even had slightly different speeds. Warner Bros. used 72RPM because that "jusifies" with 24 FPS sound movies. Decca used 80 RPM for a long time. Soooo, being able to adjust from 78RPM is nearly as needed as being "right on 78". The speed being "off" is very apparent in the timbre of some instuments, and voices. Some sound fine from 66.66RPM to 90 RPM. Just information if you've not been a "shellac turner"

Unorthodox Strobe Discs for shellac

Would you know where to find :
72 RPM strobe disc (for G&T 7" records 1898 thru 1905)
and on the other end of the gamut
90 or even 100 RPM strobes (for Pathé Hill & Dales)

Thanks for a great website

Just starting cruising this site. Wonderful information. I grew up with vinyl, starting with my mother's old mono record player then her eventual purchase of a hi-fi system. I own multiple computers, printers, and every gadget that can interface with those. I have gone through the 8-track stage then on to tapes gradually evolving into cd's, mp3, and internet radio. However, I still love the technology that is the subject of this site and I find myself drifting back into the bygone era of vinyl. I currently have a Pioneer Direct Drive PL-200 and a Dual 1218. Both are still running well. Great job and keep up the awesome work.

paper strobe

Hi, downloaded the strobe, enlarged to 110%,put part of a file folder against it to stiffen, cut an equal cross in the center, popped it on the spindle, got a reading, but it was very faint, took awhile for my eyes to pick it up but it worked. Tested it on a TT withe strobe tester on the platter. so alls well..

strobe print size

this is also my concern....many thanks for bringing up the issue..


Unlike protractors, the strobe discs can be printed out any size without affecting accuracy.



sorry, i was thinking standard protractor for measuring angle.

strobe pattern

are you sure scale of the pattern doesnt matter?..
(beside the point, i believe protractor regardless of scale size will not change accuracy)

Hello, really nice site.

Hello, really nice site. Also full of remarkable articles around here. One single question, how do I know the correct frequency to our own country?

correct frequency

hi, check the frequency map in this website..( the bottom of the map for instance it is written for: europe 50kz, us60kz...

Correct Frequency for your country

Hi abshandra to find your frequency look on the back of your electrical items like your TV or Microwave oven the number you want will be on there next to a little sine wave.

quick reference

thanks for this...

strobe disks--

In the US is 50- or 60 Hz the standard ?

standard khz

60khz-usa and canada

USA/Canada Line Frequency

It is 60 HZ not 60 KHZ.

strobe discs

just to say thank you very much ,I have been a, trying to find my own disk to no avail,
and have been looking for a replacement,the fact you guys have a free one is brilliant and has sorted out my prob quickly
so thanks again!!

Strobe disc

This is great! Have been trying to locate a strobe light to check speed on a B&O turntable. Found one on Ebay for ~60. This took 5 min. to print and check my tt speed. Thanks so much

Strobe Disc

Careful of the fluorescent lamp recommendation. Newer high efficiency electronic ballasts rectify line current then generate a ~10kHz signal to the lamp.


strobe disc

The 10KHz sounded interesting, so I experimented. I used a Lights of America compact fluorescent spiral bulb #2432-S as the only light source in the room. I also tried a GE Helical #FLE26HT3/2/D bulb. The strobe disc worked perfectly with either one.

60hz 33⅓ / 45rpm strobe disc

Fluorescent lamps work better, they turn completely on/off at 60 hz. I appreciated the "full size" comment, having printed out a cartridge alignment protractor LESS than full size.


thanks for the knowledge r.e. same accuracy using fluorescent lamp...

Speed disc

Amused by instruction 2. It doesn't matter what size you print it out!

Strobe Discs

Any chance somebody has a pdf to make a strobe disc for 78 rpm ?

78 RPM strobe

Yo Grufflybear:

I saw your post and I just submitted one to VE last week, but they haven't put it on the website yet. Didn't realize that there was not a 78 strobe on the site, because with this strobe I never needed to look one up. It's a nice 78-45-33-16 diagnostic strobe for 60 hz that reads the actual speed and plus and minus 2% and 4%. About 8 inches in diameter. Easy to read. Two speeds per scan. Give me your email in a PM and I'll send you a scan, or you can wait till VE gets it posted.

Good luck from the old (strobe) flasher.

Joe Z.

Strobe Disc.

Hi Joe Z,
I know its quite awhile since May, but was wondering
if your strobe disc is still available, if so I would be much obliged
if I may have one. I'm afraid I'm green on computors, and Hi-Fi decks
so if you need my address please inform me and I will forwad it.



Strobe disc

Hey (strobe) flasher, would like to have copy of your strobe disc also. To- Thanks


Thanks for the scan as I have been looking for one for some time(78) This is a great site as members help each other out. many thanks again . Old Timer