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Yamaha YP-700

Belt-Drive Turntable with Floating Suspension

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Yamaha YP-700


The Yamaha YP-700 employs a professional type belt-drive system, a superior method of providing constant speed control and reducing vibrations.

The turntable platter is solid, die-cast aluminium, perfectly balanced to reduce distortion to an absolute minimum.

Yamaha's unique double-float-mounting-system eliminates chassis (induced) vibrations by mounting the turntable and tonearm on a single base, isolated from the chassis by shock-absorbing spring mounts.

The motor is similarly mounted on a separate base, further reducing the minuscule motor vibrations that reach the turntable base to an unmeasurable quantity.

The cue lever of the YP-700 provides a means of stopping play at any time and then re-starting again at the same point.

Use of the lever provides the correct starting stylus pressure, reducing the possibility of damaging the stylus and/or scratching the record when playing only a selected portion of a record.


Drive method: belt drive

Motor: synchronous outer rotor type motor

Platter: 300mm die-cast aluminium

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Signal to noise ratio: better than 50dB

Wow and flutter: better than 0.05% WRMS

Type: S-type static balance

Stylus pressure: 0 to 4g

Headshell: universal plug-in type

Cartridge: CG-7000 moving magnet

Output level: 4mV

Stylus pressure: 2.0g

Frequency response: 10 to 25,000Hz

Stylus: 0.6 mil diamond tip

Channel separation: 30dB

Dimensions: 480 x 410 x 161mm

Weight: 9.2kg


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service manual  English - reydelaplaya

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