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Wilson Benesch ACT Two

Carbon Fibre Tonearm

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Wilson Benesch ACT Two


The A.C.T. Two tonearm is first and foremost the solution to a complex engineering problem.

The aesthetic appeal of the design is borne of it's general fitness for purpose which is apparent even when it is not in use.

When the device is active it's soundly engineered components declare it's correctness long before the inquisitive begin to investigate the engineering principles that underpin this innovative design.

All the sub systems that effect the performance of a pivoted tonearm have been re-evaluated and subsequently re-designed from scratch to exacting tolerances on CAD and are unique to the ACT Two and of course that proven forerunner the ACT One.

The most obvious aspect which is now almost a hallmark of Wilson Benesch design is of course the use of carbon fibre.

In the Act Two, advanced composite technology is used to create the lightest, stiffest most highly damped tube on the market and incidentally almost 15% lower mass in fact that the ACT One.

A single diameter tube and screw on headshell would have compromised all the benefits gained in the use of this material so considerable investment has been made to achieve the best solution to date by creating the component in a single press tool, in one operation.


Effective mass: 9g

Effective length: 280mm

Weight: 340g

Cartridge weight range: 5 to 16g

Internal wire: Cardas / VDH Deskadel / Discovery

External wire: Star Quad, Resseun shield, 70pf, 0.108 ohms

Termination: Neutrik Profi phono plugs


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