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VPI Industries Super Scoutmaster

Belt Drive Turntable

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featuring black acrylic platter and JMW 9 Signature tonearm

VPI Industries Super Scoutmaster


The SSM uses the most accurate motor drive in the business, the HR-X system.

The massive flywheel and dual motor drive controlled by the revolutionary SDS power supply gives the smoothest rotation in the business.

You can almost say that if your expensive table doesn't have a flywheel driving it, why is it so expensive?

The finishing touches are the specially designed, totally non resonant laminated chassis and the periphery ring clamp.

The ring clamp lowers warp induced speed variations to near zero making the combination of HR-X flywheel drive and perfectly level record sound like a master tape.


Type: manual record player

Drive method: belt drive

Motor: ac synchronous

Wow and flutter: 0.1% wrms

Rumble: 85dB

Speed accuracy: 0.05%

Weight: 29.5kg


"The VPI has a dense and subtle tonal balance that provides a great sense of presence through a serious fleshy, medium to an exceptional texture and a sharp and clear but flexible. Thanks to its powerful torque, it shows a remarkable responsiveness on all types of signals" - Haute-Fidelite 2011


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