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Vestax PDX-2300

2-Speed Professional Direct-Drive Turntable

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electronic brake

Vestax PDX-2300


The Vestax PDX-2300 is an advanced analogue turntable.

Enhanced pitch control for fast and accurate beat matching adjustment. Ultra pitch control with a +/-50% control fader.

Furthermore, with the pitch bend joystick, you can quickly push or pull the pitch for smooth mixes or dynamic effects.

A large digital pitch display, showing the current pitch setting, allows you to accurately set the pitch or when needed to, make adjustments perfectly.

The strong DC motor with 2.7Kg of torque allows for super fast start times. Adjustable start and brake speeds (within 1/4rpm).

The A.S.T.S anti skipping tonearm is the most reliable system available for professional turntables of this kind.

This system when combined with Tracking Hold (TH) technology can reduce skipping and needle vibration by up to 90%.

Adjustable tone arm height and weight. Start and brake speeds can be adjusted and pre-set for improved performance.


Motor: direct drive

Braking system: electronic

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Rumble: 78dB

Wow and flutter: 0.07% wrms

Tonearm: anti skipping tonearm system (mkII pro - dynamic balance tonearm)

Dimensions: 454 x 162 x 365mm

Weight: 9.5kg


instruction/owners manual  English

mkII instruction/owners manual  Deutsch - themisto462

mkII instruction/owners manual  English

mkII pro instruction/owners manual  English

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