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Thorens TD224

3-Speed Idler-Drive Record Changer (1962-1968)

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Thorens TD224


The Thorens TD224 Masterpiece is a 3-speed turntable and record changer.

For the first time, the convenience of fully automatic record handling has been obtained without impairing any of the all important features of a true transcription turntable, for the closest approach to live music.

Advanced automatic features greatly simplify the operation of a professional turntable and contribute to insure full protection of your precious records.

The TD-224 will play automatically any number of records up to eight, provided they have the same speed, groove shape and centre hole diameter.


Type: auto record changer

Drive method: idler wheel

Speeds: 16, 33, 45 and 78rpm

Speed control: +-3%

Record type: microgroove or 78rpm

Centre hole diameter: 9/32 or 1 1/2"


Introduced in 1962, this product of ingenious Thorens Swiss engineering is the last representative of the grand line of truly amazing changers.


instruction/owners manual  English

owners/service manual (translation)  Italiano - darioborgia

service manual  English

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TD 224 cleaning brush / fixing of the conter weight

I just recently bought a wonderful TD224 working properly. I'm just wondering if you have any idea how I could get one of this cleaning brushes which could be mounted on the record moving arm.

Also I'm looking for one of this little sensor indicator which is fixed together with the headshell since I would need a second headshell for my 78 records.

Also I'm wondering how I could fix the little conter weight arm that it is in a straight position together with the rest of the arm. There must be a rubber part which is dryed out and maybe someone has any idea how I could solve this. If its very complicate I don't have to do it since the turntable works perfectly.

Thanks for your answer and your page is more than wonderful. Absolutely great!!!
Yours geko

rd 224 cleaning brush

Hi Geco,

I build just today one of this.
It's very easy !!
If you want, I will send you its meausures or data.
Best regards.