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Thorens TD150

2-Speed Belt-Drive Suspended Chassis Turntable (1965-1973)

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Thorens TD150


The handsome slim line chassis of the TD-150 two speed integrated transcription turntable houses a host of advanced design features.

Conveniently positioned on the front is the precision cueing synchroniser.

Isolated from the tonearm, it suspends and lowers the arm smoothly and gently into the groove, extending the life of the stylus and record.

The anti-skate control maintains stylus position precisely on both walls of the stereo groove for distortion free reproduction.

The TD-150 tonearm has an adjustable low-mass plug-in headshell.

This permits tracking angle adjustment to an ideal 15 degree angle. Low friction accommodates high compliance cartridges.

The tonearm balance and stylus tracking force regulation allows half gram adjustments down to 0.5g.

Tracking error is below 0.2% cm of radius.

Finally, the action glide speed adjustment on the TD-150 changes speed smoothly and rapidly without jolting the stylus.

A prefix models came fitted with a tonearm but no base, B came with a base but no tonearm, AB was a complete unit including base


Drive method: belt drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Motor: 16-pole synchronous motor

Platter: 7 ibs, 12", precision balanced

Dimensions: 15 5/8 x 12 7/8 x 5"


They offer sure-fire sound quality for pin money, and a lot of fun in the tweaking department - Haden Boardman HiFi World


brochure  English

A/B/AB instruction/owners manual  English

A/B/AB mkII instruction/owners manual  English

AB/AB mkII service manual  English - finkerbell

mkII brochure  Deutsch

mkII brochure  Italiano - sound-and-music

mkII instruction/owners manual  Deutsch Francais

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No Anti-skating on the TD-150

There is no Anti-Skating on the TD-150 arm; therefore, there is no adjustment for this function.

thorens td150

smb There are missing maintenance sections in the mk2 manual pdf's,i used the mk1 pdf's as a guide.