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Thorens TD135

3-Speed Belt-Idler-Drive Turntable (1961-1968)

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integrated tonearm

Thorens TD135


The Thorens TD-135 is a precision transcription turntable designed to function, for peak performance, solely with the Thorens BTD-12S professional tone arm.

While the BTD-12S tone arm is offered as a separate unit, the TD-135 is never sold separately.

Exceeding NAB standards for rumble, wow and flutter, the 4-speed motor unit features the same belt-idler drive, the same heavy, 12 inch non-magnetic turntable, and motor, the same variable speed control, and the same quality, precision and Swiss craftsmanship that have made other Thorens turntables famous for peerless performance.

No other integrated unit approaches the professional standards of the TD135 / BTD12S combination.

Accessories include the WBX wooden base, MBX mounting board, RTC-135 roll-top base and PU-921 plug-in headshell.


Platter: 12", non-magnetic

Speed control: +-3% variable via eddy-current braking system

Speeds: 16, 33, 45 and 78rpm

Drive method: idler wheel and belt drive for double motor isolation

Rumble, wow and flutter: exceeds NAB specifications

Dimensions: 15 x 12"


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Cartridge and Stylus for TD135

Hi, everyone,
Can anyone advise what would be a nice sounding cartridge and stylus for this TT, the tone arm is the original BD12-S.

Alternative tonearm

I have a TD 135 with the original tonearm. Does anyone know if there is an alternative tonearm I can use that will match this TT?

Still works

I have an excellent working unit. Pity that it does not have Anti_skate tonearm...


an anti-skate setup could be made to work very well with this unit, and easy to implement....

How to set up anti skate on a TD-135

Can you please give me more details on how to go about setting anti skate on td-135 arm?