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Thorens TD126

3-Speed Belt-Drive Suspended Chassis Turntable (1976-1986)

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with electronic speed control

Thorens TD126


The TD-126 by Thorens is the transcription turntable for discriminating music lovers and professional users.

It is the product of 95 years experience in the construction of musical instruments allied to the mastering of the most advanced technology in the fields of fine mechanics and electronics.

The main objectives of Thorens engineers remain unchanged: robustness, reliability and life-time maintenance of the original performance specification.

In the constant battle against rumble, Thorens designed a servo controlled electronic belt-drive to associate with their unique floating suspension system.

Thanks to this exclusive design, the TD-126 can claim rumble figures equalled by no other drive system.

The TD126 mkI, mkII and mkIV use AC synchronous motors, while the TD126 mkIII uses a DC servo motor.


The unit gave fine, wow-free performance. The bass was comparatively even and extended, while good stereo depth and ambience were apparent - HiFi Choice


mkII instruction/owners manual  English - djcwardog

mkII instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais

mkII schematic  English Deutsch Francais - draudio

mkII service manual (partial)  English - djcwardog

mkII service manual  English Deutsch Francais

mkIII flyer  English

mkIII flyer (1982)  English - KingTut35

mkIII instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais

mkIII partial schematics  English Deutsch Francais

mkIII service manual  Deutsch

mkIII/IV instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais - KingTut35

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I bought a working Thorens 126 MK II. It pays fine. I changed the cartridge and cannot get rid of terrible feedback especially when I touch the lift arm. It appears to be a bad ground, but I cannot find anything amiss. All help will be appeciated. RF

Hum noise td126

Check the electric line, if you can put a new ac cable, a good one, and when you connect in the bottom of the turntable just connect the two cables, not the ground ok. Please check a little ground cable from the tone arm and the chassis, must be connected.

Luis Guevara

Thorens 126 MK II

I'm looking for dust cover parts specifically the plastic left side stantion cover the cable hold hold down screw and nut. Does any one know of an outlet or someone who repairs or might have these parts?

Re: Thorens Parts


Try Your luck at ROLF KELCH (don´t send an E-Mail he doesn´t respond - try a phone call). You can googel the Adress. Rolf baught the rest of the Thorens parts, when Thorens closed. But don´t be afraid - the prices are high :-o



Thanks for the info

I've never called Germany before this should be a trip.