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Thorens TD125

3-Speed Belt-Drive Suspended Chassis Turntable (1968-1975)

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A prefix models came fitted with a Tonearm but no base, B came with a base but no Tonearm, and AB was a complete unit including base.

thorens td125 mkii
thorens td125 mkii base
thorens td125 mkii sub chassis
thorens td125 mkii motor
Thorens TD125


The TD125 has taken a giant step in banishing rumble, with solid state circuitry replacing the conventional mechanical methods used for electronic speed control.

This reduces the number of moving parts and total mass so frequently a rumble producing factor.

Motor rotor velocity, another rumble originator, is precisely governed by a dependable Wein Bridge transistorized oscillator.

It's frequency is varied exactly (by a gold plated switch) to change the speed of the motor and these adjustments may be viewed instantly on the built-in stroboscope.

Motor rotor speed on the TD-125 has been reduced to an incomparable 250rpm at 33 1/3rpm turntable speed.

By combining this factor with solid-state circuitry and the Wein Bridge oscillator, Thorens has reduced rumble to an infinitesimal and inaudible -48db (-68db weighted); less rumble than any other turntable on the market!

The tonearm and turntable platter of the TD-125 are mounted on an independent chassis.

This unit is then shock mounted to another chassis which houses the drive system and controls.

As a consequence the tonearm is protected against shocks when the controls are operated and acoustic feedback is minimised because of the absence of vibrations.

Vibrations are further decreased by the precision polished, self-lubricating bearings of the turntable platter.


Drive method: Belt driven

Speeds: 16, 33, 45 rpm

Motor: 16-pole synchronous motor

Platter: 7 ibs, 12" diameter, anti-magnetic die-cast

Rumble: -68dB


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A/B/AB instruction/owners manual  English

A/B/AB service manual  Deutsch

A/B/AB/LB brochure  English

A/B/AB/LB brochure  Francais

mkII brochure  English - Leonard1

mkII instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais

mkII instruction/owners manual (alt scan)  English Deutsch Francais - Phi72

mkII service manual  Deutsch

mkII service manual  English

TX25 dust cover mounting instructions  English Deutsch Francais - plattenmax

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Spindle Broken

The spindle of the motor broke during shipment. Whats the solution? I am not even getting motor from anywhere.


well... if this had happened to me, i would go to my machine shop and make a new one on my lathe! unless you have a lathe, you need to find a friend who does or see if you can get a machinist to make one for you (they will charge a lot) or if you have a jr college close with a machining vocational school, you may be able to get a student to make you one (for a lot less). or you can see if you can find another used motor or cheap donor TT on the net. i am a little surprised that the spindle broke so easy... they must have packed it poorly and/or handled it roughly.

good luck :-)

TD125 rumble

Rumble is -48 dB unweighted, -68 dB weighted according to DIN 45539 standard.

Thorens TP 16 tone arm bearing setting


I just bought a TD 125 MK 2, and I would like to know how to make the setting of the bearing with the screw and the nut (one of each side of the arm see the step 1 photo on the link hereinafter



Improper tonearm reference in heading

The complete TD-125, mk I, so called AB-version (probably also the A-versions - no base), came with a TP-25 tonearm and a TP-50 headshell. No more, no less. B-versions came without tonearm and has since then been fitted almost any tonearm you can think of. The TP-14 tonearm was originally for the TD-124 (and TD-135?). Thus the heading in the tonearm database should read "TD-125, mk I (TP 25 tonearm)"

I've seen several webpages containing this error, and who knows, Vinyl Engine might/should be a source for many so correct reference is important.

TD125 mk1

Thanks, I've fixed the typo in the tonearm database and changed the reference to a TP14 to TP25

Speeds are 16, 33 and 45

I don't think the TD-125 has the 78 RPM speed, but rather 16 2/3, 33 1/3 and 45 RPM.

TD 125 speed

Yes, it is correct, not 78 rpm (nobody knows why...) neither the MK 1 nor MK 2.


Thanks, having owned more than one I should have spotted that earlier ;)