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Thorens TD124

4-Speed Belt-Idler-Drive Turntable (1957-1968)

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Thorens TD124


A brilliant example of Swiss precision engineering and craftsmanship.

Superbly different, the TD124 offers a host of exclusive features never before achieved in any other turntable, meeting the most exacting demands of broadcasting.

It's durability and performance specifications exceed NAB standards for studio equipment.

In the TD124, Thorens has incorporated many outstanding features that open the way for discriminating music lovers to new and greater enjoyment from their music systems.

The turntable is unmatched for monophonic or stereophonic sound reproduction.

The drive system utilizes an extra compliant belt plus idler wheel to isolate any motor vibration and special shielding of the turntable flywheel, eliminates any induction of stray fields by magnetic pick-up cartridges.


Speeds: 4-speed variable speed (+-3%)

Platter: 12", 11.5lbs table with separate non-magnetic aluminium shell cover

Drive: precision built motor with extra compliant belt plus idler isolates motor vibration

Power: 100/250V, 50/60Hz

Wow / flutter / rumble: exceeds NAB specifications

Tonearm: replaceable tonearm mounting board for 12" and 16" arms

Dimensions: 15" wide x 12 7/8" deep with 12" arm mounting board


WBTD..........wooden base (walnut, ebony or mahogany)

WBTD/OW.......deluxe wooden base (oiled walnut)

MBTD..........mounting board (unfinished)

AS-12.........12" tone arm board (walnut, ebony or mahogany)

AS-12/OW......deluxe 12" tone arm board (oiled walnut)

AS-16.........16" tone arm board (walnut, ebony or mahogany)

AS-16/OW......deluxe 16" tone arm board (oiled walnut)

WB-309........oiled walnut base for all 16" tone arms

CB-788........non-ferrous turntable

RTC-124.......roll top base


The Thorens TD124 series II with TP14 is not the cheapest turntable system, but for those who want the best regardless we can confidently recommend this unit - Gramophone 1966


brochure  English - alternativeroute

cutout template (not to scale)  Deutsch Francais

cutout template (not to scale)  English

cutout template joined (not to scale)  English

flyer  English

instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual (imp scan)  English - pavaldes

mounting template  English

service sheet 22  Deutsch

mkI instruction/owners manual  Francais - dadatimi

mkI service manual  English

mkII instruction/owners manual  Deutsch Francais - jbp

mkII instruction/owners manual  English

mkII service manual  English

mkII test report (gramaphone 1966)  English

mkII wiring diagram  English - Eddy Van Dyck

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TD124 rumble

I checked more sources on the question, but Audiophile publishes a data of -55 dB for non-weighted rumble, and my original (non-Papst engine) Mk II turntable, calibrated for the maximum amplitude of Ortofon test record 0002, produced -57 dB of non-weighted rumble. Weighted rumble is less.

TD124 rumble

Rumble is -40 dB unweighted according to the DIN 45539 standard.

TD 124 motor

This is my first time doing this. I don't know what I am doing so I hope someone can help. My motor used to get up to speed in 3/4 of a turn and now takes forever. Are there new motors available or do I have to totally overhaul mine? It also had not been used in several years.

Thanks, reddy

Thorens 124 motor

Hello Reddy,

I've been servicing Thorens idler wheel turntables and supplying parts for years. My eBay user id is sq38s so you can browse my products there.

Regarding your motor, it probably needs at least a good cleaning and lubrication and possibly an overhaul. I've been overhauling Thorens E50 motors for years and last week I completed three motors for my customers. All three were performing exactly the same like yours and after the overhaul they bring cast iron platter to 33 1/3 speed in approximately 3/4 of a revolution.

If you have any questions you can email me at .

Best regards,

TD 124 I v. II

I have had one of each, but just sold the Mark I. There is very little difference between the two, except for the platter, which on the Mark I is heavier, but is alleged to attract MC cartridges because of the iron. Also, the color scheme: I think the Mk I only comes in kind of creamy/ivory color, and the Mk II in a somewhat duller 1950' metal office furniture grey. I had my Mark II redone by Juergen Schopper, and it just plain sings with an SME 3009 (first series) and a Grado Sonata, on the plinth the table probably came with originally. Speed is rock steady, there's hardly any rumble, and the whole combination just swings. It's not cheap: after Juergen's treatment and with the arm and cell, it must have set me back about 1200€. Which is what you see a good one go for on the usual sites. But it's got to be the most fun turntable to use: it's delightfully passé, incredibly well built and engineered, your guests can't believe what they see, until they realize they can't believe what they hear either, and it's something you're going to pass on to your children. I'm occasionally tempted to look out for pastures even greener, out of curiosity, but always come back to the TD 124. Cheers, André

Thorens td 124 Mk 1 vs Mk 2

Then, can we use MC cartridges for the Mk 1 turntable?

MC cartridge on MkI TD124

Hello, I never tried on my olde MkI, because allegedly, the iron in the platter exerts its magnetic influence on the cartridge coils. To what extent I don't know. What it does to the cartridge I don't know either. Sort of "virtually" increasing its mass?
Anyhow, I've read somewhere that you could use a glass platter on top of the original, and that would take care of the problem. Now, I've only used MM cartridges on the TD (I now use a Mk II, which doesn't have that problem anyway, since the platter is made of some antimagnetic material), and it really sings. I haven't really considered an MC cartridge yet. Cheers, André

Thorens TD 124


I am interested in getting TD 124. However, I was wondering what the difference is between the MK1 and MK2.

What is the difference? Also, if anyone has one they want to swap with a Garrard 301, 401 or a Lenco GL60, GL70. Contact me.

Would be greatfull for a reply!

Cheers, Lewis

Thorens TD-124 Info

I have to say this is an outstanding source of information. I was able to find servicing data to restore my $10 Thorens TD-124. I hope I didn't overpay for it. The unit works great and I was able to work on it without incurring any damage. I'll have to look through my service records to see if I have anything to contribute though most of my information is for much earlier equipment. Thanks again for maintaining this site. I'll be back....Poorman

Thorens TD-124 Skip Find!

Just a note to say what a wonderful resource Vinylengine is, I came across it when looking for information on my Thorens TD-124 mk 11 deck and thought you may be interested in how I came about owning it.
I was dumping a load of garden waste in my local community skip when I noticed a pair of large speaker cabinet's poking out of the electrical skip along with the usual CRTs and old computers, unfortunately the drivers and cabinets had been so badly damaged when they had been unceremoniously thrown into the skip they were beyond saving, however along with them was a Thorens TD-124 mk 11 with a SME 3009 arm, a Quad 303 power amp., a Quad 33 pre amp. and an FM 3 tuner that had all survived unscathed
Needless to say I was in that skip like the proverbial Rat up a Drainpipe (not bad for a pensioner) much to the annoyance of our local cleaning department attendant (guard).
The deck and arm leads had all been cut off and it took me a couple of weeks to get some replacements, however when the system was connected and powered up, it was all in perfect working order.
The only reason I can think anyone would dump all this stuff, is it may have been a house clearance and the person responsible for dumping it did not know the significance of it, obviously it was someones pride and joy in the past and I like to think the original owner would have been pleased that it had not ended up in an incinerator, also I have done a little to save the planet, and I am now the owner of a classic system.


I hope you'r joking about the price as one just sold on e-bay for $899.00! anyway feel good, old timer

manuals of vintage turntables

extremely valuable resource! this gives me the confidence to pursue one of these vintage tables with the knowledge of how they work, how to set them up and troubleshoot. brilliant compilation! muchas thanks to whoever put these up!!!! take a bow!