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Thorens TD104

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable

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Thorens TD104


The Thorens TD104 semi automatic high fidelity turntable incorporates advanced technical features to afford true state of the art performance.

It employs a special Thorens suspension system for the floating chassis.

The exclusive Isotrack tone arm with precision bearing assembly and low mass construction enables optimum tracking characteristics to be realized with modern pickup cartridges.

All running functions of the TD 104 are initiated by electronic switching keys to provide optimum convenience in use.

mkI (1978-81), mkII (1980-84)


Drive method: belt drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed control: electronic

Pitch control: +-6%

Platter: 1.6kg, 300mm, zinc alloy

Wow and flutter: 0.05%

Rumble: 65dB

Tonearm effective length: 222mm

Effective mass: 7.5g

Overhang: 15.5mm

Offset angle: 23 degrees

Dimensions: 435 x 125 x 355mm

Weight: 5.5kg


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instruction/owners manual  Italiano

service manual  English

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TD104 wall wart

The manual doesn't describe the turntable's operating voltage from a wall wart.
Can anyone provide that information?


Did you resolve problem about power supply for your Thorens TD104?
If yes please advise me because I have each problem.I have this turntable but without power supply.
Is not problem to make any but I didn`t know voltage, current and it is AC or DC.
Please help me with info if you know and thanks in advance.

TD104 wall wart


there´s a sticker on the back of my (destroyed) unit that says minimum 11V AC, max 250mA.

So any transformer close to these specs (11V-16V, min. 250mA) will work.

Greets, Jens

Sorry, didn´t see, that there already were anwers.

power supply

It needs a 16V AC power supply


Do you have the instruction

Do you have the instruction manual in English?