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German electronics company


In 2003, Telefunken can look back at one-hundred years of brand history.

In the past, Telefunken was associated with significant technical developments and enjoyed the reputation of a successful German company.


Telefunken Gallery

Phono Cartridges

TM 500

Phono Stages

RN 100 CX

Idler Drive Turntables

Musikus 105 V
Mister Hit
Phono 105
Phono 504
TW 268
TW 501
TW 504C
TW 506
TW 561
W 230 HiFi
W 240
W 248
W 268

Belt Drive Turntables

S 100B
S 500 HiFi
S 600 HiFi

Direct Drive Turntables

CS 10
RS 220 CX
S 900 HiFi
TS 850 HiFi
TS 860 HiFi


Stylus Replacement


Telefunken Licenses GmbH, Bockenheimer Landstra

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