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Technics SP15

Quartz-Locked 3-Speed Studio Motor Unit (1979-1988)

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also available with optional SH-15B2 or B3 base unit

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Technics SP15


The new Technics SP-15 offers you high professional standards of performance plus the flexibility and convenience that are important for home use.

Features include quartz synthesiser pitch control (as in the original sl-1300 mk2 series), full cycle detection FG, extremely high torque for fast starts and load stability, heavy duty construction, highly effective damping, a pulsed power supply, and a special lock mechanism to prevent accidental misoperation.

The quartz phase locked pitch control is a major feature of the SP-15 because it gives precise variation in 0.1% increments above or below any of the three standard speeds (33, 45 and 78rpm) up to a maximum of 9.9%.

With this precision system you can match the pitch of a record to that of a musical instrument, or expand and compress playing times to fit a given broadcasting time slot.

The amount of pitch variation you select is clearly shown by a bright digital display above the pitch control buttons.


Type: quartz synthesizer pitch control

Drive method: direct drive

Motor: brushless DC motor

Drive control method: quartz-phase-locked control

Platter: 33.9cm 2.7kg aluminium die-cast

Speeds: 33.33, 45 and 78.26rpm

Pitch control: +-9.9%

Braking system: electronic and mechanical

Speed drift: within 0.002%

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -78dB (weighted)


In my view the SP15 is certainly more than good enough for studio desk use; The complete unit (SP15 / EPA500) demonstrated a pleasant and secure standard of reproduction, which was not as coherent as , say, the Linn system (LP12 / Ittok), but which was very satisfying nonetheless - HiFi Choice 1983


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About the previous review

I think that this review is a non-sense. I wonder what the reviewer has ever wanted to mean by "was not as coherent as, say, the Linn system"?
In my experience, the SP15 is a turntable of exceptionally high quality and I doubt that it can honestly be considered less than a Linn.

Absolutely true ...the

The previous comment is absolutely true ...the reviewer is either totally biased or apologies - nothing personal.....this was the period when the Linn campaign was at its height...I have owned both these TTs - besides the Logic Dm101 + Technics 110 + Systemdek...IMHO the Technics SP 15 is sonically superior to the Linn - if you can do without the boomy bass from the Linn !! Linn...IMHO - vastly overrated...overpriced... Linn needs a very good MC and tone arm to do some justice...and very fussy set up.....check it out objectively....regards...