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Technics SL-Q200

2-Speed Quartz Direct-Drive Automatic Turntable (1983-1985)

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technics sl-q200 turntable
Technics SL-Q200


The Technics SL-Q200 is an integrated turntable with fitted tonearm suitable for T4P P-mount type cartridges.


Type: quartz direct drive

Features: automatic return and stop

Motor: brushless DC motor

Drive control method: quartz phase locked control

Platter: aluminium die-cast

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.012% WRMS

Rumble: -56dB (unweighted)

Tonearm: statically balanced straight tonearm

Effective lenght: 230mm

Overhang: 15mm

Effective mass: 7.5g

Stylus pressure adjustment: 1.25g +-0.25g


brochure  English

instruction/owners manual  English

service manual  English - spensar

service manual (changes)  English Deutsch Francais - spensar

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Power Cord

I bought this turntable on eBay, and it did not include a power cord. I have searched the web for 3 days trying to find one. It can't be that rare, or hard to find, can it? One tech expert suggested that I make one from an old electric cord. MAKE one? !! What??

I am starting to believe it would be easier to find a guidance system for a Minuteman missile than to find a place where I can obtain this simple item.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions (except to make one). And excuse my ignorance on this subject.

I bought one at my local

I bought one at my local radio shack

Power Cord


Looks from the manual (page 2, diagram 1) like a standard 2-pin connector, as used for the mains inlet to many portable stereos, some CD players, etc. Even my Mac Mini uses one. You don't need a specific Technics part.

It should be possible to buy a lead pre-packaged with a suitable mains plug on the other end, from any electronics retailer. They are also very often listed on E-bay itself.


ground wire for this model Technics SL-Q200

After being in storage for 8 yrs, I have lost the ground wire for this turn table.
Can anyone recommend a replacement part or have a part no. so I can order a new one?

New Life

A friend gave me his SL-Q200 that he had basically written off. A little TLC and a new stylus and it's good to go! Thanks for posting the manual, it's always good to have around.

SL-Q200 Stylus

Hello! I think I accidentally broke the needle on my mom's SL-Q200 and I'm wondering what type of needle you buy to replace it? I noticed the head of the needle reads "AT122LP" and it appears to be yellow, but is there a multitude of needles that could replace it or just one or a few?

Thanks so much!

SLQ-200 phono cartridge

Is there an audio technica cartridge available for to replace the factory installed one.
the AT122lp appears to be an audiotechnica cartridge and they are yellow.
I would to know what is compatible with the SL-Q200.

Thanks for the manual!!!

Like New Turntable: Thanks for the Manual

Many thanks...just scored this turntable in like-new condition, with a warranty. But no manual! This is a great service.

Happy listening.


Thanks very much for hosting this manual. It's simple, but I needed to know to get this old turntable working again.

If anyone has a service manual, I'd love to see it. If I find one, I'll post it here.

Manual SL-Q200

really neat. :-)

Thanks for the Manual for the SL-Q200 !

I appreciate the manual for this!. This is a nice little turntable that is simple to setup and operate. It will make a nice starter table for my niece and having the manual is a real bonus!