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Technics SL-D2

2-Speed Semi-Automatic Turntable

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technics sl-d2 turntable
Technics SL-D2


The Technics SL-D2 features Auto-return and Auto-stop.

The Direct-drive mechanism is powered by a brushless DC motor with B-FG servo control.

The unit is fitted with a universal tonearm with removable headshell.


Type: semi automatic turntable

Platter: 312mm aluminium alloy

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Motor: B-FG servo controlled

Pitch control: 10%

Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS

Rumble: -75dB

Tonearm: static balance, tubular

Tracking force adjustment: 0 to 2.5g

Effective length: 230mm

Cartridge: EPC-270C moving magnet

Dimensions: 430 x 130 x 375mm

Weight: 6.9kg


instruction/owners manual  English

service manual  English - buys

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sl-d2 pinout

im looking for a service manual or the pinout for the PCB that contains the audio outs and signals from the arm WHxBU and RDxGN. i need to know the correct locations of the red and green on the PCB


edit: found it. WH left+ BU left- RD right+ GN right-

Pitch adjustment

My SL-D2 still works like a champ and I love it except one bad habit it's showing lately. At random times the pitch changes up or down, and when I try to adjust it the pitch control acts hypersensitive. An almost imperceptible movement swings the pitch wildly, and it's really tough to get it to stabilize.

Does this sound like a dirty potentiometer, or perhaps something else with some built-up crud after 30+ years? Or is it a failing part that must be replaced? Can an untrained but game layman fix it, or do I have to hand it over to a pro?


Technics SL D2 Vintage Turntable

I picked up this turntable at Goodwill today for cheap. Polished the cover which had no cracks or serious scratches. Just did a general cleaning, installed and set-up a new ADC cartridge, balanced the arm, set the tracking and anti-skate, and took a trial run with some of my favorite vinyl. It was simply delightful with perfect pitch. I wasn't used to that with my old Thorens. All the automatic features worked great, and it shuts off automatically. Some things old are not so bad - it's a lot of fun. I think I'll keep her for a while.

Thank you so much for the manual.

Speed issue

I recently bought an SL-D2 for very cheap and i love it except for a speed issue. When turned on, the platter spins very fast, much faster than 45rpm, and after a little it will slow down to whichever speed is specified on the switch. after that, as long as i keep it on, the speed is very accurate. the longer i leave the turntable off, the longer it takes for the platter to slow down to the correct speed. i read that i might need to replace some capacitors, and the fact that leaving it off longer increases the effect makes that part clear, but im not exactly sure which i need to replace. i havent opened it up so i dont know if it will be obvious or not. is there a schematic available/does anyone know specifically which component numbers i need to replace? thanks!

Moving coil or magnet

Chas. R. Feighner

Why have different inputs moving coil or magnet. I used to sell both types in the '50s and 60s and all the preamps from my Marantz 7 on down didn't differentiate between the two. I was thinking of adding a new cartridge to my collection. How do I know what is compatible with my Marantz tube equipment?

Phono Cartridges

Ricky-Pooh: Follow along on me, and I try to make it very simple. Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges have output from about 2.0 mV to 10.0 mV, similar to a standard dynamic microphone level. High-Output Moving Coil cartridges have similar outputs, but today there aren't as many made. Low-Output Moving Coil cartridges have outputs of about .1-.5 mV, and these are like the Audio-Technica AT-09CIII,the Benz Micro TR MC low output,Some of the Clearaudio cartridges,Grado Statement,Denon 103 series, and lots more. The low output MC cartridges take a special higher gain phono stage or pre-amp. Any Moving Magnet cartridge should work fine with your equipment. Some High output Moving coil cartridges will work, depending if they are designed to work into a 35-50K Ohm impedance or you'll need a "matching transformer". A low-output moving coil cartridge will need either a "Step-up transformer" (like Denon sells) or a low-output Moving coil pre-amplifer, that will usually run into a "line level" (tape, CD, aux,) input. You can find more information on the Cartridges and Pre-Amp Forum.

AT96E cartridge?

I'm getting ready to set up my SL-D2, and I found a couple of items in the box. One is the overhang gauge (whew!). The other is the original AT96E cartridge I bought with the turntable in 1980. Recently I bought a new Shure M97xE moving magnet cartridge, after doing some research online. I've already forgotten what moving magnet means, or why it should be the better choice for the SL-D2, but that's what I took away when I did my reading.

Anyway, the AT96E, it says, is a "dual magnet" cartridge. The manual says each magnet reproduces the signal from one side of the record groove, "thus maximizing stereo separation."

I have three and a half questions:
1) Is one of my cartridges better than the other?
2) Should I plan to use both of them? Maybe one for records in perfect condition and the other for slightly aged records?
2a) If I'm going to use both cartridges, I have only one headshell. Where can I get another one?
3) If I'm going to use the AT96E, where can I get a replacement stylus?

Shure M97xE

Ricky-Pooh: Most people would say the Shure M97xE is superior, especially with a JICO "up-grade" SAS stylus. Expect to spend some money for it...maybe $200+ and it's "out of stock" most places now. Good news and better news is has a "generic" replacement elliptical .3x.7 mil stylus for $34.95 (ATSAT0096E), or for an "upgrade" they have the ATS12S genuine Audio-Techinca "Shibata" stylus for $59.95. The Shibata shape tracks the groove better, and maybe causes less record wear. Your new Shure is an elliptical, .2x.7 mil (smaller is better). "Moving magnet" is the construction and the output level (broadly speaking) and is what both the Shure and Audio-Technica are, just built by their own methods. I'd definitely pay $35 for a direct replacement stylus for your original A-T cartridge. The two cartridges will sound differently, and many people use one cartridge for "X" type of music and another for "Y" type of music. LPGear has a "universal" type headshell (which is what you need) for $12.95, $19.95 and $49.95, the differences being in the construction materials and the actual weight of them. I'd pick the $20 hoping it might be lighter, and better than the $13 one, but not be $50. I've done lots of business with LPG, and am a very satisfied customer. Now that I've baffled you with "information overload", there are many other on-line stylus dealers, like Needle Doctor, Garage-a-Records, and lots more, but I hope you can see you have several very good choices. Good luck and enjoy some vinyl!

broken SL-D2 dust cover

I'm resurrecting my SL-D2 from 25 years of storage. Somewhere along the line, one of the tabs at the back of the dust cover snapped off. I did a quick check for parts online and found one on e-bay for $100. I do not use e-bay and I think the price is silly. Does anyone know where I can find a dust cover for less than $40? Thanks.

Hi I had the same problem

I had the same problem with both hinges. So I did away with the hinges and used a product called no nails sticky tape for the hinges and superglued a couple of perspex strips to the back of the hinge holders to enable the lid to be proped open without falling backwards. The tape is a super strong tape but not to bulky. Its a bodge but in reality it hardly notices and in my opinion is better than spending a fortune on another lid. Not to everybodies taste but works.
Regards Bob

Try this cheap dust cover fix

Try this cheap dust cover fix

Broken hinge tab

Ricky-Pooh: If you have the broken piece still, a trip to a plastics supply house will get you some solvent-type glue for about $6. If you don't have the piece, a plastics fabrication shop can repair it for less than $40, although it might not be pretty. It's on the back and probably won't be that obvious. I've repaired a couple of dust covers, and after buffing them out with plastic polish (Novus 1 and 2) , both people swore I had gotten them new dust covers, and I'm not a "plastics" guy. For $30, nearly two years ago I took a shattered dust cover to the plastic supply/fabricator I use, and when they were through, I could just barely see the seams, when the light hit it just right. The guy I did it for was delighted,as his dust cover was going for about $200 on feeBay (old Dual). Check your Yellow Pages for PLASTICS, Fabrication and supply.

my new purchase need your help

first of all I am so glad I found this website, it seem so awesome and I can feel the friendship around....In advance thanks so much for the help that I will need from all of you from time to time...Now I have a question , I just purchase on the weekend this TT SD2 ( I think I did get a good deal I paid $ 150. and the guy I bought it from gave me 26 LPS in very good condition 70's music lol) , and I have hooked it up to my Receiver ONKYO TX NR3007, the sound is good but I think this TT can give me more. I am completely ignorant on TTs and forgive me for my questions I've been reading quite a bit and couldn't find anything related to changing the needle( needles to said that the SD2 came with the original cartridge and condition of the Turntable 1-10, I will said is 9 everything seems to be perfect just the cover needed some cleaning but other than that everything is ok ). I found this Ortofon Concorde Pro S Cartridge with the Stylus, and I was wondering if this is suitable for my SD2 . or if you can recomed any other brand and model of stylus for my TT.
Thanks so much....

Ortofon or AT

I did a lot of on line research and I think the best cartridges for a D2 in the $100 range would be the Ortofon 2m Red or Audio Technica 120 E. For less and around $80 the Ortofon SuperOM10, which I had, offers superb performance.


I just purchase my second D2

I just purchase my second D2 after selling my first one 6 months ago. I love these TTs - about the best budget TT out there for this kind of money. My set up is now different. I used an Ortofon Super OM10 with great results on the first D2 on a pretty high-end system. My latest D2 has a budget Audio Technica DR200E and it sounds clear, punchy and fast in a lower quality vintage system. I would also like to know which way to go to advance my cartridge, thinking of a Shure. So chime in folks with what you are using.

SL-D2 Stuck anti skate knob

I just purchased an SL-D2 that appears to function in all ways except the Anti Skate knob doesn't rotate.
Could anyone give me an idea how hard of a repair this is likely to be? It has to be repaired because the
arm heads for the spindle as soon as you set it on the record.

anti skate stuck

Have you tried cleaning the knob mechanism? Perhaps a little contact cleaner (DeOxit) and some wiggling.

Love My Turntable

I recently decided to revisit vinyl. My 1979 Technics SL-D2 needed some work because it had not been used in 15 years. I took it to Audio Lab in Cambridge MA. Within two days, they evaluated the necessary work and provided an estimate. I can pick up my repaired table this weekend. 1 week turn around because they had the parts. Very reasonable pricing. If you do not live in New England and your area does not have a reliable repair company, call them. They have a website.

Sonido redondo!

Mis amigos, soy de Argentina y necesito de su ayuda. He comprado una SL-D2 y comencé a disfrutar del sonido increíble del vinilo, pero necesito reemplazar la cápsula. Me podrán recomendar cual utilizar? Muchas gracias!



My friends, I'm from Argentina and I need your help. I purchased a SL-D2 and I begun to enjoy the great sound of the vinyl, but I need to replace the capsule. Can you help me, which the best...Shure N44C? Many thanks!



hola vinylengines
tengo una fisher mt 6225 y deseo saber q aguja me recomiendan para obtener la mejor calidad y si hay comparacion entre esta y la technics SL D2,y como se regula y calibra el contrapeso y el antiskating

saludos muchas gracias.

Sonido super redondo!

Hola Pablo, la cápsula mas aconsejable para la Technics SL-D2 es la Shure M55 EM, tengo la misma bandeja con esa cápsula y suena precioso, otra opción es la Ortofon night club pero es demasiado cara y está mas que nada pensada para DJ. Si sos de querer la original del modelo, ésta es la cápsula Technics 270CC, la venden en MercadoLibre a 360 pesos, de ésta cápsula no puedo hablar porque jamás la usé, me han dicho que suena muy bien. Aunque para redondear un sonido poderoso y de calidad es también muy importante tener un buen amplificador y un buen par de parlantes, si es posible que sean de la misma época que la bandeja (79-80). Saludos y espero haberte podido ayudar, cualquier cosa podemos hablar por otro medio.

Technics SL D2

Had this turntable from new over 20 years ago.....just beginning to appreciate it now within a fully active (aktiv) LINN DS System.
The beauty of vinyl.............aaaahhhh.
And of course........thanks for the manual!

TT just stop working

Ive owned a Technics SL-D2 turntable since the early eighties. It has always worked great until just a few weeks ago when the platter just stopped turning. I really love this turntable and would hate to have to replace it. Technics informed me that they no longer service the SL-D2. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Stopped working?

Mine too. Did you find a solution? Mine powers up but the platter does not spin, or even hum or anything.

Thanks for the manual

Great to have a copy of the manual. Now feel more confidant setting up a friends SL-D2.

Many thanks

Thanks for the Manual, this turntable is very good with old cartridge Shure M44C(new unit N44C) the sound is great!!!!

Phono Preamp

So after reading through the various comments, I figured my problem to be the same as others: I was trying to use a turntable with a contemporary system w/o a phono preamp. Now that I've got that figured out, any suggestions? After looking around, I've seen such contradictory opinions, I'm not quite sure what to get, and how much money is necessary.

Re: phono pre-amp has an Audio-Technica with interconnect cables, all for $55 +S&H. and it has very favorable reviews. For $150 they have a one tube Belleni that after break-in, has been compared to pre-amps costing the square of it's price. I don't know what TT and cartridge you're planning to use, but the A-T is suitable for $250 cartridges, and the little Bellini is suitable for any MM cart you're likely to buy. If you're wanting to rip to CD's primarily, there are many usb pre-amps for under $50, and for that purpose there's little reason to spend alot more money. If you have a $3000+ turntable and $1000 cartridge, I'd be looking at a $500-1000 pre-amp, provided the rest of your system will support that level of "vinyl sound", and you have pristene LP's. With modern electronics and designs, my "rule-of-thumb" is to spend 1/4 to 1/2 the price of your cartridge on a pre-amp, and your pre-amp will probably be "over-qualified". I've heard both the A-T and Bellini and after "break-in" they blow-away phono stages built-into amp/recievers 10 years ago. If I didn't have a classic Grace ('72) two-tube pre-amp that's been re-built, either of the pre-amps I meantioned I'd look long and hard at. Bang-for-the-buck, the A-T's a winner, if you've got the $$$ the Bellini is a "knock-your-socks-off" pre-amp. My opinion, not engraved in stone, or "holy word".-Walkercolt

Technics SL-D2 Manual

Many thanks to Vinyl Engine for the owner's manual. I've picked this turntable from a swap meet 10 years ago. I am using an Ortofon Pro S cartridge and it sounds great!

Technics SL-D2

I also have a SL-D2 and am not able to produce any sound (very slight at high volume) out of the turntable. I have hooked the turntable up to several different receiver phono inputs with the same results so I do not think the receiver input is the issue. Any ideas? Thanks.

Cartridge Type

What receiver have you tried? Also what cartridge do you have fitted? If it's a moving magnet cartridge you'll need a dedicated moving magnet turntable input (marked MM), but if you have a low-output moving coil cartridge you'll need a moving coil input (marked MC). Neither type will work directly into Aux/CD/Tuner/Tape inputs as the cartridge output is too low and requires RIAA equalisation. If you're happy that the receiver input is of the correct type and working then it only leaves the cartridge or wiring?



My college buddy just gave me his Technics SL-D2. Has seen many a San Diego college party (circa 1980-83).
Anyway, I am trying to hook it up to my older Onkyo receiver (using VIDEO 3 audio) and I just barely get any sound when I crank it to MAX.

What am I doing wrong, *OR* what should I check for?
The turntable seems to be in great working order as it has sat in a garage for 20+ years.

Any ideas?

BTW: This site is the bomb.............thanks for the "original" Users manual.




You'll need to connect the turntable to a 'moving magnet phono' input to equalise the cartridge signal and boost it to line level - if your amp doesn't have a turntable input you could buy an-line preamp (just do a search on google for phono preamp).


No sound from RIGHT channel!

Just bought an SL-D2 from an antiques store for $15.

Have replaced the cartridge, stylus and shell as the existing ones were badly eroded, however upon testing it, there is no sound from the right channel.

Does anyone have any ideas for why this might be, and how best to trouble shoot this problem?

I have examined the male RCA plugs and cleaned them, so I think the problem may be somewhere else, perhaps the deck or the set-up of the cartridge etc - I really have no idea though, as no prior experience with turntables.

I just went to the Sydney record fair and bought a crate of vinyl that I'm dying to hear so urgent responses would be appreaciated.



SL-D2 owners manual!

With one simple download I'm up & running with an original SL-D2 owners manual. Thank you very much & keep-up the good work!

Thanks for the SL-D2 manual

You guys are awesome and provide a great service. There are many places to buy a manual but you provide it for free. Very nice!

Thank you so much.


I just bought my first tt in ebay and i really want to thank you for providing these manuals! Greetings from spain.

Manual for Technics SL-D2

Thanks so much for providing this service -- I was totally surprised to see that a manual even existed after all these years. This has been a totally reliable turntable since my wife bought it originally in the early 80s. I recently installed a Shure M97xE cartridge that is doing a fine job for a very fair price.

Vivu la longalud rekordo!

Thank You

I would like to thank this site for allowing a free download of the manual of this turntable which I was given. The information in the manual will assist in operating and maintaining this unit. Again, thank you and I appreciate it very much.


Hello. I want to thank you for this manual. I still enjoy every of my vinyls. Greetings from Mexico


Just wanted to say thanks, now finaly i can set up a new Stanton hheadshell to my SL-D2.

Technics SL D2 Notice

Thanks a lot for the notice and a little hello from Paris.

Technics SL-D2

Thank you for the manual.

What a great help!

When it comes to manuals, you're like having an automatic!

thanks a lot for the manual.

thanks a lot for the manual. just purchased this table to bring up to my country place. can't wait! great site btw

Just wanted to say thanks

Just wanted to say thanks for the manual. It is appreciated!

Technics SL-D2

I just downloaded the manual for my Technics SL-D2.

I have had this turntable for a litle over a year and I have had some trouble with adjustments. But now I can set-it-up properly,

Thanks for the ability to download the manual.


What should i look at paying for a new cartridge. I just picked up this turntable there is a cartridge in it but no needle in it


What you pay for a new cartridge is dependent on many things as prices range from anywhere between $20 and $1,000 and up. The price you pay can depend on a great many factors. Is this a quality Turntable? Is your system one of high or lower quality. Are you an audiophile or an audio enthusiast? Perhaps you are just starting out with analogue sound. What is the condition of your record collection?
There are many brands and types of cartriges to consider. The types of needles (or styli) included with cartidges vary immensely in quality. You may hear the words conical, bi-radial, eliptical, hyper eliptical and shibata when describing stylus tips. At minimum, I would recommend an eliptical tip as they trace the record groove to a high degree of accuracy with minimal wear on the record. The tracking force should be no more than 2 grams. for such a cartridge, you should expect to pay $50 and up. However if stylus type is not a major concern to you, you can pick up a budget Audio technica cartidge with
conical tip for around $20.


If it's still got the original cartridge in it just do a google search for 'Technics EPC-270C stylus' and several suppliers will show up

Technics SL-D2 Turntable

When I got this a few years ago I went on line for a manual and bought one from a source in USA so to download one for free is brilliant.