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Technics SL-7

Fully-Automatic Linear Tracking Turntable (1981-1983)

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Quartz controlled direct drive system

technics sl-7 turntable
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Technics SL-7


Turntable speed on the Technics SL7 is chosen automatically according to opto-electronic detection of the record size while the speed select knob is in auto position.

There is, therefore, no need to manually choose turntable speed or record size.

When the upper cabinet is closed, the stabiliser contacts the upper record label area to keep the record firmly in place.

Around the circumference of the stabiliser is a stroboscope synchronised with the quartz oscillator reference frequency, so that you can easily confirm correct rotational speed.


Platter: 300mm aluminium die-cast

Speed accuracy: within +-0.002%

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -78dB

Tonearm type: Dynamic balance linear tracking gimbal suspension

Cartridge type: EPC-P202 moving magnet stereo

Dimensions: 315 x 88 x 315mm

Weight: 7kg


The SL7 was better still, giving improved detail, and it was also found to sound better than the original SL10 - £220 HiFi Choice 1983


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Technics SL-7 repairs


Can anyone recommend a company in London that can repair a Technics SL-7.
When playing an LP the tone arm left up and goes back to the start about two
tracks in.

While I was searching I found a post Submitted on October 6th, 2009
by gortonandy, stating that the tonearm belt stretches causing mistracking and
seizure of the arm motor. I have not tried the recommendation in the post
fearful that I may cause more damage.

Any suggestions?



If you are handy, there's an

If you are handy, there's an extensive troubleshooting thread here:
Good luck.
Music is Everything....Except Predictable....WFUV Fan.

SL-7 User manuals

Thank you for providing the manuals. I need to remove the dust cover to polish the inner surface which has become blind. With a specialized polish paste I hope to clear it up again.

Finally a turntable to play my vinyls

Thanks for the manuals. I just picked up a SL-7 from the parents and it needs some tender loving care. Once I get it operational I will finally be able to listen to the wide vinyl music selection I have been waiting to play.


Often the tonearm belt stretches causing mistracking and seizure of the arm motor. remove the stylus first then remove the screws on the underside of the lid, lever the tag at the bas of the lid and it should lift off.
A 19mm belt from Maplins will do the job, use WD40 to free the motor and clean the belt wheels with baby wipes to remove grease.

Design Weakness Cover Latch

Watch the plastic cover area where the lower hooks catch / latch into the cover. Eventually they will fail. If anyone's got a suggestion on how to reconstruct the upper cover catch, please let me know.


Music is Everything....Except Predictable....WFUV Fan.

Technics SL-VII

This website rocks...

I have been interested in and collecting vinyl since i was a teen -30+ years...I have the SL-7 and wanted some info on the owners manual and found it was the second web site i looked in.

Like to play Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd- The Master Album (Original Master Recording). From this album/cut/press many of the retail Lp's are made...and then sold at your local vinyl shop. Sounds are intricate in many of their creations, and people such as Roger Waters and David Gilmour had skills contributing to the production department. These people are some of the Masters in the realm of Music, in the opinion of this writer.

I also have a decent Kenwood KD-3070 and a nice stylus by Adante-good sound from the albums. Does this site have info on Kenwood phonographs?

Thanks for the info and website.