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Technics SL-5

Direct-Drive Fully-Automatic Turntable System (1982-1983)

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with linear tracking tonearm

technics sl-5 turntable
Technics SL-5


The Technics SL-5 is a compact, record jacket size, fully automatic turntable.

The unit features an integral platter/rotor direct-drive motor and a dynamically balanced, linear tracking tonearm with optoelectronic sensor and microcomputer control.

The chassis is constructed using TNRC (Technics Non Resonant Compound).


Type: Fully automatic

Drive system: Direct drive

Motor: ultra low speed brushless DC

Platter: 300mm aluminium die-cast

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -78dB

Tonearm: Low mass linear tracking with gimbal suspension

Cartridge: plug-in connector, moving magnet stereo

Frequency response: 20 to 10,000Hz +-1dB

Dimensions: 315 x 88 x 315mm

Weight: 4.4kg


The wow and flutter of the Technics SL-5 was very low and the speeds accurate despite the absence of quartz lock. Shock was fairly well handled which is normal for a linear tracker, and it also behaved well on the feedback test. Well constructed and adjusted, the lid mounted tonearm possessed very good geometry and a low effective mass of around 3g - £119 HiFi Choice 1983


instruction/owners manual (alt scan)  English - DRozell

instruction/owners manual  English

service manual  English - djsiceman

service manual (changes)  English - djsiceman

service supplement 1  English - djsiceman

technical information  English - djsiceman

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Hi, I'm new here and know

Hi, I'm new here and know little to nothing about record players, but I would like to get an old SL-5 I found working properly.
At the moment, records play but speed up and slow down very frequently. From what I've read, this is commonly attributed to an old belt. When using the manual posted here to open up my turntable, however, I don't see a belt anywhere.
I am aware that this may be a stupid question so please cut me some slack.
Thank you in advanced for your replies.

Technics SL-5Q

I discovered, too late that the Technics SL-5Q needs to be played through a reciever with a phono input (i.e. a pre amp?) As I recently bought a new receiver that did not have such, I'm moving on to a different turntable, and one that has a USB output so I can digitize my LPs.

I know I'm going to miss the auto playing feature of the Technics but, se la vie. My Technics is available for sale for $95 or b.o. It works fine, has a few blemishes, like around the edge of the turntable. E-mail me if you're interested.

Technics SL-5

You could also buy an Audio-Technica outboard phono stage for less than $50.00 at


it seems that this problem resolves (and unresolves) itself randomly.
sometimes it plays a record through perfectly, sometimes this problem will occur for a whole record.
as I said, I'm very new to this, but it seems to me that if the belt was old, it should affect it every time.
any ideas?

The SL-5 is a direct drive

The SL-5 is a direct drive turntable, the platter drive motor spins at the chosen 33/45 RPM. There is no belt involved. The only drive belt is for the linear action tonearm and from your post, it seems to be operating fine. Your speed problems are probably caused by dirty switches/contacts, if you proceed to use them more, the tt should start to "fix" itself by use. You can help this process along by using some contact cleaner. If there are further problems with speed, check our forum, an answer to SL-5 speed is addressed here:
Good luck.
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What Cartridge Do You Have?


I'm having issues with my SL-5 and I'm not sure if it's cabling or the stylus. (Or P-mount.) I'm having intermittent stereo problems. (The left channel is clear but the right channel is dead.) It's not my stereo system. I'm curious if the turn table came with an incompatible cartridge or P-mount. I have a Pickering TL-3 P-mount cartridge and would like to know if you have the same or something different.

Any other advise about this direction in troubleshooting is greatly appreciated.


SL-5 stereo channels


I have the same problem, but with the left channel. It's not the cartridge, since I've tried another and it's the same.

The left channel sometimes plays when the deck is used after a day or two lying idle.

It seems to be something to do with the circuit board alongside the tonearm, because I've taken off the cover and 'wiggling' it sometimes gets the channel back.

However, I can't find any circuit diagrams or even physical layout constructional details to take it to bits safely and solder up any dry joints or replace damaged wiring.

Anyone got any ideas?

Still mystified after all these years ...

hi fish- i have owned and

hi fish- i have owned and used an sl-5 for about 15 years, and have never had that issue with mine. I have used the original cartridge, replaced that with a Grado Black, and now have an Audio-Technica in there. I would recommend you replace your cartridge. Grado, A-T, and Ortofon all sell p-mount carts. good luck !

Need Power Cord

Does anyone know what power cord I need for this Record player. I've been holding on to it because it was my mum's, but it's just collecting dust along with my records...

Any advise would help. Thanks.

did you find the power cord?

We need one as well for our SL-5. Just wondered if anyone had responded.


Standard power cord

You only need a basic power cord for this unit. It's the same one you find on some inkjet printers or other electronics. If it fits in the slot, it will work. Radio Shack usually has them in stock.

Speed control

My SL-5 has recently started running it's motor at full speed no matter what the setting is on. Any idea of how to fix this would be great as I don't want to get rid of it!

SL5 tracking problem


Anyone know what this might be:
My SL5 goes through the motions as it should until it releases the pickup onto the record, then rapidly skates to the centre, lifts off the pickup and stops. It seems it never tracks correctly once the pickup has dropped onto the record...

Sounds like she's tracking

Sounds like she's tracking fine.....

I believe the problem is a missing stylus / bonded diamond. Try another needle or a new cartridge and the SL-5 should play.

Good luck.


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Technics SL-5 Problem

I have a SL-5 in my shop that came in with the cartridge destroyed (by owner trying to remove I assume), replaced cartridge, one side works fine. I noticed that the outputs are shorted when the arm is withdrawn (for noise silencing I guess) but only one side unshorts when the arm is deployed. Checked cartridge, cables, etc. Does anyone know where this shorting feature is located and how to repair, I haven't found a schematic yet, or if you know where I can find a schematic or repair manual let me know Thanks DB

Believe you have a sticking

Believe you have a sticking muting relay in one channel as most Technics linears have an auto muting feature built in so high inputs from the stylus do not inadvertently make it to the amplifier / speaker.
Try downloading the SL-7 service manual for guidance on the location and function of this circuit. Refer to pages 23 block diagram and 24 physical location of the relay on the circuit board.
Good luck.
Fred you might be able to free with a few friendly taps....on the relay
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Record Size Detection Lever

Refer to bubble 10, Record Size Detection Lever on page 6 of 11 in the Owner's manual. Either the switch is not being activated, dirty or broken, so that the turntable logic always thinks there is a 45 on the table.
If you push this lever, you should hear a faint click.... if not then the switch is broken. If you hear the click, perhaps the contacts are slightly dirty and not switching on and telling the tonearm to drop at 30CM / 12IN diameter lead in groove.

Good luck.

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SL-5 ques to 45s

Got an SL-5 a few years ago really cheap. Just recently tried to use it and it seems to que at the 45 size, no matter what I try with the controls. Haven't been brave enough to try taking anything apart yet. Is there any troubleshooting guide?


did u ever find a fix?

im having the same trouble

need a parts list

Well, my GF's SL5 stopped tracking, and I traced it down to a small broken belt that goes between two pulleys on the far left of the assembly. Does anyone have a parts list, or know what the part number for this belt is, and where to find a replacement?

Replying to my own post!

Replying to my own post! Well I found out the part number for the belt is SFGBC10-01, but seems to be no longer available anywhere I search. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to cobble together a replacement for this belt?

maybe this will help...

Not sure if you still have this issue with finding a belt.
There's a great little shop here in Portland Oregon that may be able to help you if you give them a call- they do repair and resale of vintage hi-fi and the owner just sold me an SL-5 that he had gone through, and replaced the very belt you mention, so he should be able to direct you to what you need.

Audio Specialties- (503) 257-3206

Hope that helps-

SL-5 no sound

i recently bought this and when i hooked it up i dont get sound. i can turn the volume all the way up on my stereo and you can barely hear it.

I had the same problem. I

I had the same problem. I get plenty of sound using a different receiver. I'm not sure what the magical number is in the specs of the receiver as far as impedance, power, etc. that allow normal function. I actually found your comment trying to find the answer to that question. Good luck.

Are you guys using the/a

Are you guys using the/a Phono input on your receiver? Most newer receivers do not have a Phono input. The TT ouput is a much lower level than a CD. If yo don't have a Phono input on your receiver, you will nedd to buy an external phono preamp.

Problems playing 45's please help

My SL-5 wont play 45's, it goes through the cueing process but the tone arm doesnt lower onto the record. it plays standard records just fine and the manual doesnt give any help.
Does anyone have any suggestions??
Thank you.

having issue >>>please help

I have an SL-5 direct drive turntable system
The Issue is when starting an album at its beginning
the needle goes down plays 1/4 if that of the 1st of the song and then resets and goes back to its "home position"

can anyone shed some light or point me in the right direction

a thousand thanks



I recently resurrected my SL-5 and it's doing the same thing. All other functions - platter motor, cueing & controls, mute, audio output - are OK, but the tonearm will only track for a few minutes and start to skip. I found out that it is frozen in place and will not move forward, hence the skipping. It will also not move forward when cued.

I suspect that the tonearm tracking motor or its control circuit is out. Unfortunately, it probably means it needs a professional repair. The Stereo Exchange here in Chicago doesn't seem to think it's a fatal issue and has quoted me an estimate of about $125 to fix. It's a bit pricey, but there's a lot I like about this turntable and may just go ahead an have it done.

Let us know how things work out.

It could be the worm gear '

It could be the worm gear ' sometimes the grease hardened's up ' try taking off the plastic cover and work the belt ' which is connected to the gear ' get a cotton bud and add a little grease , i don't think you need to spend anything to fix this.

RE having issue

check the position of the mat in relation to the record detection lever 'or is this broken as is often the case , i have only just got one of these 'as my 2nd deck.

Still learning but this is all i can think is wrong with yours , hope this helps.

Great close & play turntable

I have owned a SL 5 since it was introduced and have owned several quality pivot tone arm turntable besides. What I like about the SL 5 is the very true tracking, zero skips (in over 25 years, including more than a few wild parties) and it rides a wavy LP without a care. The sound quality is top quality; a poor cartridge and/or RCA cable connections, or a poor ground can cause noise and/or poor signal.