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Technics SL-3

Belt-Drive Fully-Automatic Turntable System

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Fitted with Linear tracking tonearm system

technics sl-3 automatic turntable system
Technics SL-3


Type: automatic turntable

Drive method: belt drive

Motor: DC motor

Drive control method: DC servo control

Platter: 300mm aluminium die-cast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.045% WRMS

Rumble: -70dB

Tonearm: dynamically balanced, linear tracking tonearm

Effective length: 105mm

Effective mass: 9g (including cartridge)

Resonant frequency: 12Hz

Tonearm drive motor: DC motor

Cartridge: moving magnet stereo cartridge

Replacement stylus: EPS-24CS

Tracking weight: 1.25g (+-0.25g)

Dimensions: 315 x 88 x 315mm

Weight: 3.2kg


instruction/owners manual  Deutsch - morg_wn

instruction/owners manual  English

service manual  English Deutsch Francais Espanol - joey1127

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changing belt - technics SL 3 DC servo Automatic Turntable Syste

Did anybody know how to change belt for

technics SL 3 DC servo Automatic Turntable System

please i need help

Service manual.

Anyone has a service manual ?
Thanks in anticipation.
Kind regards

power cord

Does anyone have any suggestions about where i can get a power cord that will work with a US model SL-3 (AC120v, 60Hz)? Thanks!

sl-3 platter removal

I'm trying to replace the belt on an SL-3. What's the trick for getting the platter off the spindle past the 33/45 rpm adapter?

sl-3 platter removal

remove the 33/45 adapter (gently lever it off the spindle)

There is a circlip around the spindle - remove this and the platter lifts off easily.

See below, to last Comment

See below, to last Comment \/

Good luck.


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Converting LPs to MP3

I need to convert some of my old LPs to MP3s. My research indicates that buying and using a USB turntable is not the way to go and a better way is to use my existing Technics SL-3 turntable with a USB-based phono preamp. Does anyone have any experience in doing this and can anyone recommend a USB-based phono preamp under c$50?


This is probably a stupid question... but is it possible to connect a Technics sl-3 turntable to a computer or a stereo system that only has an aux and not a phono input?

SL-3 to computer connection

Answer is no. You need a phono pre-amp between the turntable and the AUX audio input on your computer, because the signal from the magnetic cartridge needs to be boosted to reach the "line" levels needed record the sound in your computer program. Outboard pre-amps that provide the right RIAA frequenciy curve, are available new all over the place, Radio SHack, eBay etc. and should cost no more than $40 for a workable one.


You need a pre-amp in order to get a full sound. The SL-3 is a magnetic TurnTable

Low output volume?

Whatever speaker I connect it too, the output volume is so low.. I had to turn my bass amplifier up to MAX to hear something, and still then it was like volume 1 out of 10.. What can be wrong?

Please respond in an message, so I get noticed by mail

Low output volume?

You need a pre-amp in order to get a full sound. It is a magnetic TurnTable.

phono stage

It sounds like your amp doesn't have a dedicated 'phono' input?

If so you'll need an external phono stage to bring the signal up to line level and to apply RIAA equalization (records are recorded with pre-emphasis).

replacing belt

Any way to replace the belt on a Technics SL-3?

How do you pull the turntable platter up?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Technics SL-3 belt replacement

I measured my broken belt fragments carefully. Circumference required is 625mm making an in-tension/operating belt diameter of 199mm. Belt width is 3.6mm.

The platter is held in-place by a single circlip, obscured, under the 45rpm centre adapter. That adapter must first be removed by inserting a flat blade, a small pallet knife is ideal, around its sides to release the plastic 'catches' whilst gently pulling on it.

Part code: AVBELT36, 192dia x 4.2 width, should work. £2.01

Belt Repalcement SL-3

I have a new belt and the platter is off. Now I need to know the routing for the belt. Experience?

i haven't tested this yet

i haven't tested this yet because I haven't gotten my replacement belt yet but it seems from looking at the inside that all the belt has to do is be attached by the small spindle that rotates and then have the belt go around the inside lip of the metal turntable cover. it might be difficult to do but I think that's all it takes.

Tecjnics SL-3 Replacing drive belt

This works for me;
to change belt (no tools required - nails do circlip - except for pencil or similar)...
remove mat
pull up 45 centre-piece (if in position) and reserve it
remove coil spring and reserve it
remove circlip and reserve it
remove platter and place on flat surface inverted
place belt on its part of platter(drum on underside - topside as you look at the inverted platter)
tip deck so that spindle is horizontal and motor is uppermost
place platter on spindle
rotate platter until you can see motor pully
use pencil to loop belt over motor pully
return deck to horizontal
put back circlip
put back coil and 45 centre-piece
replace mat so that the small slot is correctly positioned over disc-detector arm.
Good luck!
Bill Knowles